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Thursday, May 14, 2009

oliver and the yellow tulips

Surely I wasn't just trying to take a beautiful shot of a bouquet of yellow tulips from our garden, and surely any and every photograph could or would be vastly enhanced by the appearance of one Mr. Calico Love - of our Mr. I must try and appear in every photo that I can ... Smile.

A sweet man named Dennis came to mow my lawn yesterday. Hooray ! La Beast Rouge is currently at the small engine spa getting tuned up and having her tres beau red chassis spit and polished and when she returns we've agreed amicably to dial our relationship back to very occasional/casual terms. It hasn't been working for years now so we've finally decided to just be good friends. I will take her out every now and then to do some mild bush whacking and mulching of leaves (which she so loves to do) in our back 40 but she has officially retired from mowing "the big" lawns here at 29 Black Street as Dennis arrived with his own grey Beast.

Another tres exciting thing happened yesterday - I found my much loved cutting mat (which had gone missing for nearly three days) a tool right up there with my adored red mechanical pencil. This weekend while I was madly cutting and pasting, painting and drawing and getting ready for my poppytalk handmade table I misplaced my cutting mat. Sunday. Big sad face. 'Tis true - you don't know how much you love something until it's gone. How can I lose a cutting mat in my small and reasonably tidy organized studio office space ? I brooded. Honestly for two days I was sick with worry and spent far too many of my waking moments attempting to retrace my cutting steps and pondering with intensity Where on earth could it be ! Wed. morning I had just put a call in to St. Anthony - Patron Saint of Lost Things and the No. 1 item (with a bullet) on my to-do list became Find Cutting Mat ! It was driving me crazy, it was all I could think about and you must remember here in this little village I can't just run down to les Art Supply shop and pick up a replacement. And then I found it !! merci St. Anthony !! - tucked into the pages of a large vintage atlas that I had been perusing and snipping away at Saturday. Hooray ! It felt like I'd just found a $100. bill on the sidewalk.

Happiness truly is a fresh exacto blade and a self healing cutting mat. Swoon.

The moral of this story. Take very good care of your most valued tools
and don't forget to remind them, often, of how much you love them.


  1. Dennis has arrived!...Large cheer goes up from the crowd. Get St. Anthony to bless Dennis too. Or maybe his own sainthood is in order. Hey Pope, put St. Dennis on the list, the patron saint of solo women with chronic yard work.

    Pets on the head to VerVer.

  2. You too? I often have objects vanish, usually just minutes after I have used them. I search and search and worry and fret but never find them. As soon as I stop looking and start thinking about something else... there they are.
    That first photo is adorable.

  3. Susan, I believe you are experiencing the favor of the universe! And not a moment too soon! Love Oliver and the tulips! Just gorgeous!

    Weekend approaching! Hope yours continues to be blessed! Hugs from Dallas!


  4. whew... I keep thinking maybe it is my age...or worse yet...the beginning stages of Alzheimers... but, if it happens to you too.... all is well. The other day I lost some things I had moved from a certain cupboard and know I put them somewhere safe..but... where the heck was that safe place anyway? took me two days to track them down! Thank goodness they weren't in the fridge with my van keys......

  5. St Anthony - how that reminds me of my mother, who would have us all praying to him whenever she mislaid something, which was often; sadly, I've inherited this trait. In dire straits, however, we had to pray to St Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes......

  6. congrats on your poppytalk table and sales. yay! i like the photos the cool blue feels fresh and springy. a good sharp xacto with a #11 blade. its love.

  7. I am ashamed to admit that I lose things on a regular basis. So regular that I have imposed a 'finding time'limitation. I look for an hour, and then...I let it go.

    Maybe this isn't a good thing to do. What if I misplaced my husband?

  8. Don't misplace Dennis! He sounds like a godsend!Thanks to Rachel's comments, I will be doing a bit of praying to St. Jude I think, for a few lost causes of mine which I'd put in the too- hard basket.Nice to know it's never too late!! Beautiful photos Susan. Wishing you lots of happiness and creativity this weekend.

  9. You gotta love St. Anthony. He gets a lot of work around here!!

    Love that photogenic cat!!

  10. If you google "how to find lost things," a site will show up. A man actually has a site. He wrote a book on it too. It is VERY helpful! Honest.

  11. Yea for Dennis!!!! I know exactly how you feel. That's how I feel about Arlene...the person who mops my vast expanse of tile floors every other week. I would give up wine and chocolate before I would give up Arlene.


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