14 things - part 2

Sunday, May 11, 2008

received and finally documented

What a fun project this 14 things was - to gather up, to create and to give, to send out over the oceans to the other side of the world, off to New Zealand in my case. And the bonus is I received 14 things from Pherenike at Sunshine Dew and I've finally had a chance to properly photograph and document my package of things unwrapped.

1. a beachy thing, a paua shell
2. a papery thing, the big fat Wellington weekend paper which arrived separately
3. a thing that cost less than $1, a beautiful Indian goddess with tiger card
4. a yellow thing, a yellow beeswax candle
5. something found in the back of a drawer, a tiny spiral bound notebook
6. something starting with the first initial of your middle name, the letter "I" International food, which Wellington has lots of - a bag of peanuts from an Asian grocery store. I love the packaging
7. something that once was alive - a lacy beautiful leaf skeleton which arrived in a decorated match box enclosure
8. a soft thing, a green felt shamrock catnip kitten toy (also arrived earlier) which Gussie & Ver were especially thrilled with and they have hidden it away in their special kitten toy stash.
9. a food item traditional to your area, Marmite have to say I did try it lightly spread on buttered toast and I guess it's an acquired taste. I think it will be lovely added to homemade soup.
10. something that delights you, sweet small vintage bowls, a girl after my own heart who delights in shopping at second hand stores. I love these little bowls.
11. something that once was useful - two New Zealand coins who's denominations have recently been discontinued.
12. favourite candy/chocolate bar, yum a dark chocolate bar with cardamom from Schoc chocolate therapy, the chocolate itself is long gone. Smile.
13. a map of your area, and not only did she include a map but also a walking tour with photo cards of her neighbourhood of Newton, a perfect sense of place.
14. a tea bag of your favourite tea, a bag of Lady Grey tea which I sipped while dreamy of far off beachy lands of New Zealand.

If anyone would like to participate in another swap please leave a comment and your email address and we can pair people randomly, make a new list of 14 things or keep some of the original things ... and do this all over again. It's so wonderful to get a parcel in the mail, it is even better to give than to receive, it's such fun to compose a package and great to get to know the recipient. Any takers ?

And speaking of parcels ... I received an incredible box of goodness Friday from best friend MLou goodies from the Korean grocery store, homemade marshmallows from the Market at the Brewery (how did she know that I LOVE marshmallows and have been hunting for panko bread crumbs to cook with - she's been reading my mind again), and two big, thick, plush white bath sheets (having recently visited here avec moi she was privy to my frugal girl towel situation, a neatly folded pile of dingy and thread bare, formerly white towels which I apologized for) ... she felt I might enjoy a bit of plush lux after my bubbles & scent ... and I am enjoying them immensely!

It's as cold and dark and dreary and rainy as it could possibly be here today. Winnie and I will get bundled up in rain gear and face the elements for a quick stroll around the village so she can enjoy her nose to the ground, dog scent extravaganza walk.

beautiful proudly Canadian postage stamps - no machine printed postage label for we designer types - we love the mini bits of graphic design-ness.


  1. Peanuts, oh thats boring, I was hoping it would be something more exotic. In retrospect I should have sent Indian popadoms, they are so addictive.

    What do you mean Marmite's an acquired taste? Its delicious! LOL.

  2. Fun post! Love the postage stamps.

  3. As I have hinted about before, I'd love to do the 14 Things swap. I love putting together items for swaps, though I haven't done any new swaps for nearly a year now. If you get some more interest, I'm in. It is especially fun, I think if people from different countries can be paired up. But, of course, they are all a good time.


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