Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bleet ness

Nessie... my big, beautiful, black velvet chiclet cat. He will be 10 in February. He's a Pisces and he's convinced he's a dog because he was reared by retrievers. Jake was Bleet's Mama. He's been really good with the boy's Gussie & Oliver- never hissed or growled at them once. When he comes inside from one of his daily ad-ventures outside Gus and Oliver always run to him and sniff him from top to bottom. He has the loudest and maddest purr ever. He loves to prowl around outside. He's afraid of everything. He loves to sleep on my chest when I'm lying in my bed, all 27lbs of him, tucked in near my chin so that it's virtually impossible to watch TV or to read ... all I can really do is ... adore him with mad pats and rubs under his chin. Smile.

I had a very good day yesterday. Accomplished many things on the ever lengthy to-do list. I had a long telephone chat with my Aunt Sally and we talked about lobster rolls, corn chowder, fresh asparagus and breaded scallops done in the oven. She and I both love to cook ... so food is often a hot topic. And ....

Shut up ! I finally cleaned and organized the infamous laundry room tools, painting supplies, etc cabinet. How satisfying was that, and by doing so totally freed up another smaller cabinet with shelves which will become my kitchen pantry. Found I have enough paint stirring sticks to build a small shed (no big deal) and I'll never have to buy brushes or foam paint roller attachments again in my lifetime. Sigh, but a good sigh.

Cleaned and swept my sunporch (where I store nearly 4 cords of wood through the fall and winter). Made Winnie's dog food - chicken, brown rice, lentils, broth and carrots. Made a chick pea, tons of veggies and rice curry dish pour moi, I patched my favourite pair of jeans and watched this previously taped gripping PBS Frontline documentary about a killer storm on Mt Everest. I love my PBS and you can watch all of these documentaries online.

Also ... I set up another blog - 29 Black Street 4 Sale - uh huh ! call me crazy, and maybe I am ... but I'm going to spend from now until next spring (10 months) documenting this house and property with the intentions of selling. At the very least it feels like this exercise will help propel me forward in my efforts to declutter and fix up the place, plus allow me to focus and highlight, avec photos, all the many, many great things about this house, garden and surrounding area. It really is an amazing house and large (more than double lot) property - on a quiet street and it's so close to the harbour ... it just needs an owner with a much bigger bank account than mine.

So ... who knows what today may bring. I'm aiming for another day like yesterday ... but I'm also totally aware that with me, I have to take what comes ... and I just never know for sure what's comin'.

Thank you to my ever present gang of supportive "commenters", who help me stay motivated and positive much more than they'll ever realize.
Merci ... mon amis


  1. Excellent, Susan!

    I'm going to go over and have a look now. You'll actually have fun doing this new blog, I'll bet.

    I'm awed that you can set up a web site so quickly. I'm still having cold feet and technological fears about just starting a blog!

  2. Wait...I didn't mean "web site" did I? I meant here you are setting up another BLOG.

  3. Anya, you should warm your feet and jump right in. It's actually very simple. I am SO not a techy person ... if I can do it - I know you can. If you have questions I'd be happy to help ... just email me or leave them here.

    Blogger really has made it simple, simple. You'll love it once you're up & running. I do believe my blog has changed my life ... and in a very good way !

    I think this 29 Black Street for Sale could be brilliant. Big smile.

  4. So will you advertise this new blog on sales materials? I'm going to hop over there after finishing reading the posts I need to catch up. Knowing how your blog is, I'm quite sure it will be a net plus and with some of your lovely photos too.

  5. I just went there. Thanks alot! now I've got yet another blog to keep up on regularly. You have a skill for creating wonderful areas on the net. Your writing is fresh, real, sometimes raw and in turn, compelling.

  6. Nessie is beautiful. I love black cats--great name! Is Nessie as elusive as the one lurking in Scotland?

  7. thanks mmm, I'm thinking that this new blog could be a brilliant idea ... here's hoping. And the Ness, real name Bleet, I kept the spelling mistake. Occasionally called him Bleet-ness, then Ness and sometimes Nessie.

    He's sweet, a bit elusive, yes and he has a very strange unique personality ... I think it's perhaps caused by the "am I a dog or am I a cat"? conflict. Smile.


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