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Monday, May 26, 2008

more beautiful bright pink tulips

Well I'm sitting in a completely organized and tidy office space. Spent yesterday going through all the piles of stuff that had been placed in the big sunny hallway (soon to become my library space) these piles had been there since my friend MLou came for the weekend to cheer me up & to help me paint - which was exactly one month ago. Books and papers and art supplies ... now all happily reside in their special new place. I love having my things where they are supposed to be. Clutter free and organized. Smile.

I do still have to organize my project files ... BFF Harry gave me a practically new, four drawer, legal size, filing cabinet (be still my heart) that sits neatly tucked in my closet supply area with my printer happily sitting on top of it. My new and huge teak topped desk has 2 legal size hanging folder drawers so that I can keep pertinent and current project folders right here at my fingertips. It's so funny the little things in life that can absolutely thrill you. Big happy sigh. I'll stop in at the home building store this morning after our walk because I also want a giant cork board (3'x6') - an inspiration board. I was going to hang it on the wall but have decided instead to hang it on the inside of my supply closet door - a door that I keep open always and that is in plain view if I glance up from work. A place to visualize my dreams and goals.

Then later in the day yesterday I worked in my back garden (photos to come)... cleaning and tidying, weeding and adding manure, compost & mulch to my little garden beds. I really just put a very small, teeny dent in all that needs to be done out there, out in the gigantic yard, garden and jungle that is my property ... but never the less it is a dent and a noticeable dent at that. And while I worked in the garden Winnie Dixon, on the other side of the green wire fence, in her big dog yard, worked on her own giant excavation ... a project she and Jake began last summer - a very big hole just outside the sun porch door. A hole she likes to tuck things away in, special toys and rawhide bones. Winnie digs, of course, with her front paws and covers and buries these special things with her nose and she gets so dirty - her sweet little shaggy face and button black nose become completely covered with dirt.

At this moment in time ... I'm feeling very happy & very contented.


  1. Getting things in my life organized always makes me happy...I am not the best at motivating myself to get this kind of work done. For weeks afterwards I will just stand in the doorway of the newly organized and cleaned room to admire my handiwork.

  2. Me too. It is such a "feat of strength" for me to accomplish those cleaning and organizing jobs that I admire them for weeks...basking in my glory. ;)

    Now I feel very lazy amid stacks of junk, cluttered around my desk.

  3. I'm the same as you guys. My studio is wrecked right now and I'm beginning to get the urge to organize like I never have before. A MASSIVE reorganization! I waste so much time looking for something I need. And when that happens in the middle of a project it really interrupts the creative flow.

    Good vibes from your blog today, Susan.

  4. I think that there is nothing more wonderful than saying ... I need the "blank" and knowing exactly where it is ... and then putting it back in that "special" place when you're finished with it. The key to all of this is having that special place for everything. Plus ... tidy and uncluttered, for me anyway, equals serenity and increased productivity which of course then equals happiness. Sigh ... wink.

  5. Wow.... way to go Susan!! Just what you have been wanting to achieve and now...that portion is done... a beautiful "new" workspace...alright!
    Have a great day admiring it. When I did my crafting space I didn't want to make any mess in it for weeks. but, like you say..it is so much easier to keep it tidy as it does have a place for each thing...


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