two steps forward ...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

red daisy and pink magnolia blossom

What is the saying two steps forward ... three steps back. Blah ness was la theme of yesterday, even my new organized and lovely office space could not get me going. Perhaps it was my biorhythms being out of whack (sure enough ! the emotional chart's in the basement) , a hormonal weirdness or some planetary disturbance - maybe the Phoenix landing on Mars stirred up some quirky astro physicality. I'm not sure -maybe it was that weird Monday curse.

I did manage to draw 4 thumbnails but my goal was 10, 10 thumbnails plus completing another project (jewellery drawing revisions a 2 hour or so job). Thankfully, most often, these arbitrary deadlines are self imposed and not created by my customer. I always seem to be a fan of the make it difficult to accomplish - school of goal setting ... what's better than another reason to pick on yourself. Sigh.

Yesterday was very windy, warm and windy and by early evening it was overcast and I decided to throw in the towel ... somehow cloudy always lets me off the hook. If inspiration hasn't hit me by 5pm ... it's not gonna happen. Sadly a Memorial Day marathon of John & Kate + 8 was on TLC. My TV is in my bedroom ... I watched, completely glued (what's up with that ?), episode after episode of life with two sets of multiples - twins and sextuplets ... all the while eating nasty carbs and drinking aspartame (with ginger flavour & bubbles). Badness all round. So many things to give up - white stuff, artificial sweetener, and TV to name a few (my TV has been canceled as of Saturday, pas de television - no more cable which means no more channels ... a huge relief). ... but what about the summer Olympics in Beijing ?

Sigh ... yet another new leaf is being turned over as I type this.


  1. You are not alone in having those kind of days, dear friend.

    You photos are lovely, as always.

  2. Unbelievable closeup photo.... the texture on the Gerbera petals looks as chunky as stucco! And so Asian or even Indian looking in the combination. Orange-y red and pink...those two colours together have always been a source of beauty and amazement to me....

    I never bother giving up anything in its entirety.... it never works for me. I just say everything in moderation.... if I want chocolate cake, I eat a small piece. If I choose to watch tv. (when I have time in between building projects hahhahah ) I watch some.... but to say "never" is just not gonna cut it. It is easier to just cut back or wean myself away from some of it favour of something else or some project...


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