Sunday, May 25, 2008

pink tulips

Blue, blue sky outside my office window. The sun is up and shining on a harbour that is as still as glass. Oliver's curled up in a kitten ball, asleep on his pillow bed in the wide window sill, grackles chatter outside in the trees and Winnie Dixon's asleep in her bed under my desk, asleep with one eye open and watching ... and waiting patiently for me to make a move. A move to get dressed, to get going, to get in our car and drive the 5 minute drive to our heavenly place ... and to begin our day. A Cat Stevens song plays on the radio and the pink tulips picked yesterday from my garden are beautiful. Sunday.


  1. That last photo is amazing. Is it the same silver pitcher from an early post that belonged to Flo? I love the beautiful old patina. Perfect against the tulips.

  2. Hi Willow. Thank you and yes it is the same silver plated pitcher from my grandmother Flo's collection. There is an inscription on the side "presented by the CLUB Dec. 6th, 1893". I love it and I too love its old unpolished & tarnished patina.

    This morning when I uploading the photographs from my camera there were 64 ... 64 photos of nothing but pink tulips and forget me knots (yet to come). I LOVE documenting my life with my camera and I do hope that that love comes across with each day's photos on this little blog.

  3. Do you have an Avon rep in your area? I have used Ultra Touch cuticle remover from them for years. It is pretty cheap and works great...when I remember to use it. I'm bad. My nails and cuticles are neglected...but, even if I let them get bad...a few days of this miracle worker and they can be pretty darn great.

  4. Yes, your love does come across...and I enjoy it. :)


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