Saturday, May 10, 2008

wood hyacinth and yellow chair

Incredibly fragrant wood hyacinth from my front garden.

Grey, clouds and rain in the forecast but that's OK because we're camped out at the little antique desk with the radio, my favourite red mechanical pencil, kneaded eraser and tissue paper. I'll do a little cooking and a little tidying ... but mostly it's drawing on the weekend schedule.

No car this morning, so Winnie and I will do our in the village and along the outskirts walk in a few minutes.

I watched Into The Wild last night - I've been mentioning for months now to my friend MLou that I wanted to see it. I'd read the book by John Krakauer years ago and remembered enjoying it. She kept cautioning me that maybe I should wait awhile until I felt stronger ... less sad - that it was a difficult movie to watch. Thank goodness that I did wait and I probably could have waited even longer. When the credits finally rolled I felt an overwhelming sadness, the kind of sadness that you feel when you've been incredibly moved by a story ...and this story a true story ... and one that suggests that no matter what ... the only thing that's really important in life is love. Feeling love and accepting love.

Mr. Mr. otherwise known as Gus ... always in the middle of it

wood hyacinth and Art Nouveau cruet


  1. awwwww old softie Gus..... he's got it right. Taking time to smell the flowers.............
    beautiful blooms. Kind of wish I had some colour in my garden.....we are weeks away from any yet.

  2. I love coming over here to Black Street and looking at your photos. Your artistry always comes through. Lovely.

  3. thank you for the lovely compliment Willow - it means a lot coming from such an admirer of all things artistic and from someone with such exquisite taste as indicated on your own beautiful bog. Merci beaucoup !.

  4. Lovely and serene photos. Simply beautiful. Sorry for your deep loss--it means you loved your dog so deeply and richly.


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