mad pats & deep purrs

Thursday, May 22, 2008

hey, there's my girl winnie dixon

I'm tired this morning ... and feeling a little low. That's how it goes though - up, down and round about ... rarely settling into one frame of mind for any great length of time. The flip side is ... who knows, I could feel elated in an hour or so. Life really is just like a box of chocolates. I can't believe I said that ... I did not like that movie at all ... an American fairy tale.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday again. I have 2 design projects on the go ... one that must finish up by end of day tomorrow and another just beginning. I still have yet to get my office completely set up again, filing organized, reference books, art supplies etc... I'd like to have one whole morning (a good CBC radio morning) and tackle that job.

My next big house project is to paint my big sunny upstairs hallway - which I plan to turn into a library space. I'll move my 4 existing crappy old white Ikea bookcases upstairs (a fresh coat of creamy white glossy paint hopefully giving them more of a vintage feel) and I'll organize my books in some fashion, by subject most likely. I've decided to paint the walls that pale, pale not white, not blue, not green, not grey - kind of like air would be, if air were a colour - colour. Cream trim and shiny chocolate black floors. By the end of June would be nice. * that appears to be a reasonable goal.

Second big cup of java and big fat Bleet has arrived up on my desk, it's an every morning ritual of mad pats and deep purrs. He insists on going outside at 5:10 sharp to scoot around the yard for 15 minutes, even less if one of our neighbourhood strays are nearby, he's a big scaredy cat. When he comes back inside it's like he's been gone for days ... surely I must have missed him tremendously, and surely I must need to spend some quality time adoring him. He's a funny cat.

* goals that are time sensitive must always be taken with a big ol' grain of coarse sea salt


  1. In a years time you will have done so many house projects that you won't want to to move out!


  2. Another sweet comment ... I do love this house, no question and it will be very hard to say goodbye but I realistically can't afford to live here. I need a tiny new life. Smile.

  3. Everytime I've sold a house, I've spiffed it up, shined it up, and loved it up so much for the sale that I feel regretful. Not so much that the house is to be sold, but because I wonder why I didn't do it all the while I lived in it!

  4. Greg just tore my laundry room totally apart... right back to bare cement walls ceiling off exposing upstairs floor joists.... he says 10 days til I can use a washer and dryer again.........I am taking that with a big ol' BAG of salt... and just water softenertable salt as we are landlocked and that's all I have...although there is a small jar of sea salt in my panty..hahahha panty.... that was so funny I left it...but you know I meant pantry!

    Have a relaxing day with no carting drywall, old boards, insulation, dryer piping, etc.. and stuff out to the garage to pile til the rain subsides...sure ...we need to go to the dump and it is pouring...(it's only been dry since about February) can't go now..we would get stuck in the mud....

  5. I know how you feel, my days are the same rollercoaster of emotions. It seems like just when I've gotten myself in a sunny mood, someone or something comes along to piss in my Wheaties. And I'm not a big fan of "Forrest Gump" either, I can't really relate to a back-bayou moron who has good things happen to him, reminds me too much of the current administration.
    Anyway, Jezebel insists on attention while sitting on the bathroom counter when I'm getting ready for work in the morning. She leaves only to avoid the screaming wind monster (hairdryer).


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