perfect ness

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sweet Oliver, forsythia and the setting sun

Oliver kept me company all day yesterday, have I mentioned that he is the sweetest cat ever. He's incredibly affectionate, silly and very funny, occasionally bad as can be in that preteen boy kinda way. Devilish and mischievous. And he and Gussie have a bed on the deep window sill of my office. Mr Aloof (Gus) occasionally joins us but I can count on Oliver to always be nearby just in case I might need him to help me with something or just to sit there all handsome and regal looking in his Buddha boy trance.

What a difference a day can make. Yesterday was a very good day. A day spent happily drawing into the evening at my new big desk. I washed sheets and pillowcase and duvets and hung them on the line. Yesterday was breezy and sunny and much warmer. At 7pm or so the garage called to tell me that our wagon was fixed and ready to go home so Miss Dixon and I walked up Black Street in the other direction and picked up our car. I made up my bed with cotton and flannel fresh from the line with lots of enthusiastic bed making help from the boys, Oliver & Gus. I fell asleep watching Antique's Roadshow and I slept like a dream ... last night. Perfect ness trumps blah ness.


  1. What is it with cats and changing sheets? My cats can be sound asleep in another room but the minute I start putting on clean sheets, here them come. Funny little creatures. Love them.

  2. Just stopped by 29 Black Street to see how you were doing. I see you are keeping delightful company as always. Beautiful photos.

    I wish you a lovely day.

  3. Nice. It's good to keep in mind that there will be sunshine after the rain, it's just that some days, Mondays particularly for me, can be SO bad. Good to hear you're doing and feeling well.

  4. Love my cats and love changing bedding with them. Thank you Yoli for the lovely compliment and yes I do keep delightful company. J. I can remember before I worked for myself and I had a managerial position in a company run by assholes where Dilbert formerly worked ... my awful Monday's would begin at noon on Sunday. Which was a real drag. For some reason there's a remnant of blah Monday ness lingering in my life. But today is Tuesday ... thank goodness.

  5. Glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. I like Antique's Roadshow, too.

  6. Amazing photos...just make me smile to see them.
    And yes, Why do our cats love to help change the bedding so much? And yes, what huge helpers they are to! Of course, our dog usually chooses to leap into the bed just as I am about to put on the fitted sheet or take one off the bed. And he pretends he has no idea why I am so miffed! Silly pets.

    I love to see you feeling so well...I wish you a sweet tomorrow.



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