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Saturday, May 17, 2008

more tulips

I'm up an hour earlier than usual. My coffee was ready at 4:10am. I woke up from a dream to the smell of freshly brewed java. This happens quite often, when setting my coffee maker's timer last night I accidently hit the hour button, putting the time and hour into the future by one. Oh well. I like getting up.

some good things ...

I don't have to mow my lawn again for 5 days

The harbour this morning is completely covered in fog and the fog has crept up and into my yard. The sounds of birds and lobster boats trailing out into the Strait are the only sounds of our early morning.

My 20 year old nephew Michael called me Thursday at 5pm ... I called him back as I have a free long distance plan. We talked for 88 minutes and even then we only hung up because I convinced him to go to the grocery store to pick up some Shake & Bake, fresh chicken and french fries. He was going to put a package of frozen chicken breasts in a frying pan, as is, and cook them for his supper ... he'd cooked chicken that way before. He'd never had Shake & Bake. It's not something I ever buy because I love to cook ... I do believe that Shake & Bake is an easy way to make chicken tasty for someone who hates to cook. I also convinced him to leave his frozen chicken in the freezer and buy a package of fresh chicken for his supper. He seemed very excited at the prospects of a tasty supper... and he rushed off to the nearby grocery store. Smile. He's going into his third year of a business degree at Memorial U. in St. John's Newfoundland. I love that he likes to chat to his Auntie for hours on end ... and I love that he and I talk about everything. He's a deep thinking kid ... and very philosophical about life.

An ice cream parlour opened up yesterday across from the park that borders our little harbour at the end of Black Street. A big old historic brick building that had been empty and unused for ages now has happy tenants. It's 2 doors down from me. Perfect.

There are so many new things blooming in my garden. So many great things to photograph. Thank goodness for super macro, lots of great natural light and shallow depth of field ... my favourites.

It's finally warm enough that I can leave the windows open all the time.

My work has been steady with lots of interesting projects.

Thank you Universe.


  1. I am an auntie myself and I think that I have a very unique and special bond with my nieces and nephews. I am actually closer in age with them than my siblings and I still appreciate that very lovely relationship. I hope that you have a glorious long weekend (is this your weekend in the maritimes - out here in BC it is ours)

    All the best,

    (insomniac in bc to an early riser out east)

  2. Good ice cream shop in the neighborhood. That would be heaven!

  3. I forgot to ask something I've been meaning to ask, Susan. What kind of camera do you use?

  4. Hi Anya, My camera is about 5 years old and it's an Olympus C5050 - at the time of purchase it was quite pricey and it's not a point and shoot digital, it has all the bells and whistles of a regular SLR 35 mm camera. Search ebay Olympus C5050 camera to see more info, currently selling on ebay for around 330.00 US. Cheers I'm off to finally !! clean out the infamous laundry room storage cabinet. Sigh.

  5. shallow depth of field...but that isn't what accounts for the plain light coloured background is it? You place some white paper or board or something behind the flowers do you?

  6. yes Vee, my wide window sills (18" deep) are all painted white so sometimes I just place things on the windowsill itself but these recent tulip photographs I have taped a 99 cent sheet of bristol board from the drug store which I could also tape lower so that it creates a seamless back drop for smaller items.


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