yellow & cream

Monday, May 5, 2008

a bouquet of yellow and creamy white

I'm set up temporarily in my guest room while my office/studio floors really dry (I'm going to give them one more full day before I begin moving stuff back in and decorating really for the first time). This morning it's mild and very still, no wind at all and the birds are awake and singing and in the background, off in the distance I can here the peepers. The lobster boats are one by one making their way out of our little harbour and the sky is just beginning to turn pale blue - at 5:30am.

I have another busy week ahead of me. Lots of work on the design desk, more organizing and de-cluttering, and yard work and gardening stuff (lots & lots of that). Monday's I like to make a list of all the things that I hope to accomplish over the next 7 days and then as the week progresses I happily highlight through each thing that I manage to tick of the list - with incredible satisfaction I might add, it seems that I am terribly goal oriented. I must always have a plan.

Here's to a fantastic brand new week !

ps. 14 things arrived from New Zealand Friday -how fun & exciting ... but I haven't had a chance yet to photograph them. The package took 48 days to find it's way to 29 Black Street.

notice sweet tiny spider inside this bright yellow daffodil


  1. Pretty!! Is that vintage pottery?

    Looking forward to seeing your new office.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I love daffodils. Once when I had a big garden that included beds full of flowers just for cutting, I planted all sorts of daffodils to bring into the house. Some people here in the mountains where I now live plant them as they are not supposed to be a favorite snack of the deer. But I can say from first hand experience that is not true. From my experience those rascals will eat anything that grows out of the ground.

    Happy coming week!

  3. What beautiful daffodils! love your photos...all of them, not just these.

    I have little green stubby daffodil pretty flowers yet. We are a few weeks behind you for sure.....

    Oh, and the Daphne from yesterday.... lovely! That looks like a good idea too..I actually have two Carol Mackie Daphne plants growing even though they are not for this zone...they smell soooooo great. I must snip off a branch or two when they flower and bring them inside.. how clever....

    The bunny from the golf course is nibbling off the tops of my new shoots of Iris.... oh, well...I don't begrudge her that. I think she is scouting places to leave her babies once again. she usually leaves me one or two....and each of the neighbours get one as well. She only comes at night to feed and play with them after that....we are left to guard them and protect them during the daytime hours. What a cheeky Mom... but apparently that is how they survive. They supposedly have no scent.... hers is the only giveaway....til they are old enough to start hopping around out in the open.....

  4. Such lovely flowers. Glad to hear your office space is coming together. I wish I were more goal-oriented. I love crossing things off my to-do list, they're not usually very consequential though. I guess I need a better list!

  5. Hi...just me again. FYI, your comment came through fine...just one...with no multiples. :)

  6. I love that you have something creative and handmade from your lovely walks hanging on your mirror. So Susan! :)

  7. Oooh, love the daffodils! "!4 things"--what a novel concept. Like it.

    your determination nd planning is inspiring. I need to get some similar sort of projects completed too.

  8. Yay! Finally, its arrived. Jamie had me all excited over the weekend telling me something had arrived in the post for me from overseas, but when i got home, it was only something i had ordered. poo.

  9. This makes me so happy inside! Beautiful!


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