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Friday, May 23, 2008

a sweet Noodle dog silhouetted by early morning sunshine

Jake at the bend in the Grassy Lane, also known as the Bunny Trail because the rabbits love to come out of the woods and enjoy this sweet green grass. How I love this secret place that I walk at twice a day. I love everything about it ... the smell, the quiet, the sounds - of only birds and insects, dairy cows in summer and the occasional boat entering the harbour. I love the grass and the rocks. The sand and the water. The pastures that roll on forever and all the happy incredible memories of being here with my canine pack of three - when Emma Jane Louise and Jake were still here with Winn & I. We've been walking here for over 13 years. It is heaven on earth and I am so lucky that I get to enjoy this place every single day.

Good Thursday things ...

I mowed my lawn (phew ! ... done again for another 7 days).

And I spoke with my neighbours - I realized that any criticism of me and my efforts to keep my yard neat and tidy lives only in my head. My neighbours are nothing but kind and supportive ... and I am paranoid ... not that that's a big surprise. Smile.

Lots of great satisfying design projects on the go ... always helps to make me feel happy & content.

We had our first thunder and lightening storm of the season. Heavy rain showers fell on hot late in the day pavement. Steamy dampness on freshly mowed grass ... the air smelled amazing. Miss Dixon however, does not share my enthusiasm for thunder and must remain glued to my side for the duration, which is fine by me.

I made a half batch of these double chocolate cookies last evening. I used milk chocolate chips instead of semisweet chunks. They're little blobs of deep dark chocolate brownie like cookies with melty bits of sweet milk chocolate inside. Yum and more than satisfied a craving I was having.


  1. Hi Susan, another post to instill beach jealousy! (Not to mention how I feel about those cookies. Mmmm.) I emailed you back on Wednesday afternoon but think my note might have been caught by your spam filter? I'll give it another shot, if you don't see anything by this evening, look for me in your junk mail. (That sounds odd!). Have a great Friday!
    (Maybe adding me to your address book would help: abgilliland AT gmail DOT com.)

  2. Hello? Anybody home? I'm back! :)

    Put on the tea kettle and I'd love one of those double chocolate cookies, please!

    WT would love this post. We have a little mother rabbit living under our deck. The other day he told me that he calls her "Bunny". ;)

  3. Glad you're back Willow we've missed you !
    xo S, Winnie Dixon & Les Chats

  4. Beautiful picture of a beautiful place. I wish we would get more warm rain here, it's either hot and dry, or cool and drizzly, with the occasional flash-flood warning. Hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend!

  5. i came to your blog from willow's. i'm really enjoying the read and your photos are wonderful. i MUST bake some of those cookies!!!


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