Sunday, May 4, 2008

the first tiny blossoms in my garden - Daphne

First tiny purple blossoms that smell incredible, followed by leaves and finally then berries. I have several Daphne shrubs just outside my kitchen window.

Well this morning I'm typing on my laptop which is sitting on top of a dresser in my guest room ... because my office is empty and the first coat of black paint is on the floors. I can hardly believe it and it looks SO great, SO finished looking. This morning after Miss Dixon and I return from an extra long Sunday walk with the whole gang of dogs and girls I will put the final coat of shiny black enamel on, close the door, windows open and let it dry really well for a couple of days. If all goes well the new office/studio should be all set up, new computer in place by this time next weekend. Smile & sigh.

Winnie's here on the guest bed beside me and sweet Oliver is on the large windowsill, sitting in his Buddha sleepy trance I'm just gonna hang in here near you pose. Yesterday to prevent kittens walking through wet paint, which actually did happen once - Gussie had to have his paws cleaned with soapy water ('cause you know that kittens must be in the middle of all events) I had to close myself in the room. And oh how this caused much disconsolation ... they are so funny. Especially Winnie & Oliver ... those two remained camped out on the other side of the door the entire time. Oliver occasionally chirping at me, with a hint of mournfulness added to his usual enquiring chirpy meow and Winnie every few minutes giving a good scratch to the door - her signal to me that this was not OK with her and hoping that the door would magically open. It is fantastic to be so loved.

Fog over the harbour this morning, +16 and sunny the forecast for this Sunday, and patchouli, orange & bubbles awaits.

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  1. How pretty, I don't believe I've ever seen these shrubs around here. A tough stubborn shrub that loves our Maritime conditions, I’ll have to look out for it at the garden centres & nurseries.

    No one is more loyal than our companion animals.


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