Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This morning. Bubbles with orange and patchouli. A gang of crows nearby are making a loud ruckus and are obviously not happy about something. Coffee.
And silence otherwise.

Do without doing,
and everything gets done

Buddhist proverb

... ya gotta love those darn Buddhist proverbs. Smile.


  1. I love your kitty pictures. Such contemplative attitudes. They make me smile.

  2. There's your very own little Buddha cat....what a soft, sweet face he has.

    hmmm... somehow I think Buddha and the monks didn't have to do their own "everything"..like housework, cooking, etc... ....and they don't have day jobs, they beg instead...

    Without some old fashioned "doing" things would still need vacuuming and dusting and the chicken would still be sitting there..raw. Maybe he is talking about some other aspect of the actual "doing"... like the thinking about it ..or ...doing it without getting stressed about it or... well, something. Too deep for me anyway.. .. think I need to drag my plug-in hose upstairs and after that, find my dust cloths.....oh, and brown some skinless thighs...then maybe I'll go out and sit in the sun and watch the garden "do" itself...hahahhahah.......oh, wait a minute... the grass does grow itself.... but I'll be darned if I've ever seen it mow itself....... LOL......

  3. What I take from this proverb, Vee, is more of the "be in the moment" philosophy. Do without doing, to me, means to just be with the task, to be in that moment, and to focus ... whatever that moment may be.

    Doing the dishes or organizing the laundry room supply cabinet ... if we'd just stop thinking so much about it ... time would pass, we might even enjoy it and then Voila ! things get done without the doing.

    My one exception to this rule however, continues to be that !!#%*!! lawn mowing chore. Smile.

    Universe, please send me a yard man.

  4. Honestly... I wish I lived next door dammit.....I would be your yard "woMAN" ..... I would happily mow your hay. Love the smell of new mown grass.... mmmmmm..... and, you could make me tea and cake as my reward for services rendered...........

  5. I am in love with your kitty's sweet face.


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