blah ness

Monday, May 12, 2008

sea and sky and my dear Noodlette

I love when the sky and the sea magically become one.
And I love her Miss Winnie Dixon.

Blah. Blah weekend, especially Sunday. It was one of those days that I just didn't ever seem to get going. It was raining and cold and after our wet morning walk all I wanted to do was to stay in the nest of down and flannel, hiding away from everything.

I didn't do that, but I might as well have as I accomplished little else ... a few futile attempts at drawing and at housework but very little actual productivity. And I found myself in the early evening, remote control in hand completely mesmerized by a mother's day marathon of John & Kate Plus 8 - a stack of great new books from the library piled by my bed and I'm hooked on life with two sets of multiples - weird ! A sad and very bleak kind of Sunday. My cable TV ends at the end of the month. I'm both terrified and relieved at the prospects of no television (without a cable connection I get 0 channels). I'll save nearly $40.00 per month which I've decided to put toward a lawn mowing yard man - yeah ! yeah ! that's me skipping around my temporary office/guest room. Now if I can just find said yard man. Good help is hard to find ... and actually around here it's been my experience that of any kind is near impossible to find ... but I am determined !

Rather than beat myself up about the blah state of my weekend (as I'm well practiced at) I'm going to call it a sick day(s), of which thankfully I never have to take or I may chalk it up to my hormones being out of whack or something. I'm determined this morning to catch up with my work schedule and turn the weekend's slacker mode around. Sigh. It's another darn Monday.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you didnt catch The Blah off me! You'll be pleased to know today, Monday, was much better so Im sure yours will be too.

    Two beautiful photos of your beach.

    I am always mesmerized with the way the sky and sea merge in the right weather conditions at Waitarere beach.

  2. Well, I am definitely having an extra blah day. My head is in a fog. So, you do have some company! :)

    Your photos are fabulous, as usual.

  3. I had a mopey, introspective day yesterday. Some days I just don't have the same conviction about my convictions as I do on others... ....

    tx for my fix du jour.... animals,..lovely water... sand.... all artistically composed and offered...

  4. It's kind of a tense Monday for me, after a busy but boring weekend of housework. I really don't like chores, I feel better when they're done, but then they just need to be done again! No real sense of accomplishment. Clouds and grey weather here, totally understand your "blah ness."

  5. Must be something in the air, things feel the same way over here! We must have missed the weatherman announcing "a blah front" heading in.

    Am I too late to say I'm interested in the swap? It sounds like fun!

  6. Well I'm relieved to hear that there's some blah-ness happening in other parts. Today has been much, much better. I'm in my new office at my gigantic teak topped old school mega office wooden desk. Love it ! Pics to come. Winnie has her little nest built underneath it and sweet Ver's been hangin' with me all day. Sunny & much warmer and a billion happy finches chattered away outside my window all day.

    Hey Austen ! no you are not too late for a swap. I'll wait and see if there are any other takers by the end of the week. So far Anya, you and me (we need a fourth) or it can just be you and Anya. I've received an amazing package from Anya already... and since I just did a swap I can sit this one out.

  7. Not blah at all. That's a GREAT depiction of the sea and sky becoming one.


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