Monday, March 2, 2009

cut paper owl *sketch

Yesterday afternoon while strapped in at the teak topped desk, after a lovely 90 minute catch up telephone chat with my favourite nephew Michael (just back from a wee southern beachy holiday) and having just returned home from a visit with BFF Harry's cat Palio who lives a 5 minute drive away from Black Street (they're away for 10 days in Florida - poor them) I was overcome with the desire to leave my current brainstorming-idea project for customer No Uno for a time to get out the scissors and glue stick and make a petite collage of this little owl guy. For future reference when I call something a *sketch it means I'm not totally happy with it. I'm thinking his eyes are much too pale. He's a little bandit owl.

Our big thaw didn't really materialize. It thawed but only for a short time and then back to cold and freezing - everything is so icy Miss D and I must creep along on our walks 'cause Mama's tres terrified of falling (which she does on a fairly frequent basis). It's Monday again - and I'm very behind my self imposed schedule so I must run - off to the lands of bubbles, scent and more java.

Hey ! hooray ! Hey Rosetta ! from Newfoundland - New Goodbye


  1. I like your owl, I agree about the eyes. Snowing here...No school today. Will hopefully also work on some art. Have a nice day.

  2. We had snow this weekend! Our first. Edward and Apple were cutting figure eights at midnight! I love your photos of the poppies and Miss Winnie. She's such a beauty it hurts.

  3. Your little owl is sweet, but he does look like a bandit. Stay warm and dry!

  4. You seem so cheerful lately, Susan. I love your owl with newpaper print. He's charming...of course as someone with an OWL blog (Oasis Writing Link) I'm biased in favor of the night watchers. I'm with you! Don't fall. Why deal with the trouble later, and Miss D. will have to adjust to your careful steps. <3

  5. I like Mr.Owl very much indeed!

  6. Your owl is terribly cute and that song wonderful. thanks

  7. Love your owl.

    I think I will print it out and stick it on my wall for people to admire, if that's ok?



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