bonjour spring !

Friday, March 20, 2009

a tiny life No.4 - 5 x 7 collage, gouache & ink

It's finally (finally !) been feelin' a little bit like spring round here ! We're going to have a few more days of minus temperatures and then by Wed. back up to more seasonal temps. My sunporch is completely out of fire wood so today, for an hour, I've promised myself to go outside and pitch some wood in. I still have another cord of wood under the requisite, country living, gigantic bright orange tarp in my front yard. Oh so tres chic yard & garden decor ! It will be lovely to have a fire or two this weekend and warm up this old brick house.

I saw four bald eagles yesterday !!! One soaring high in the sky directly above me as I left the doctor's office and then later when Miss D and I were out for our suppertime walk, we saw a parent and two nearly full grown fledglings playing and feeding out on the ice. They take my breath away, I feel so lucky and honoured when I see them and I do believe that I noticed them both times yesterday, really was a message meant just for me. A reminder that Everything really will be OK and that yes, he is still here ... hangin' round with us.

The eagle is a symbol of the zenith. A great reminder of your own ability to soar to great heights. Eagles are messengers from heaven and are the embodiment of the spirit of the sun. More on animal totems here.

Thursday's are book delivery days at our little library. The day of the week that new books arrive and any books that you might have ordered (through our tres fantastic online Nova Scotia library system) - since I'm constantly ordering books I read or hear about I always make Thursdays my library day and as you can see - yesterday was a banner library day.

Currently reading - Songs for the Missing- Stewart O'Nan

library junkie

Phew ! just saved another mouse
(caught in a yogurt container and taken outside - Hey ! don't forget your scarf and mitts lil' mouse) from the jaws, claws & sadistic ways of these two. Les fierce(est) tag team - don't for a second let all that cuteness & love fool ya ... sigh ... there's never a dull moment.


  1. Morning and Happy Spring!

    I finally got my computer back last night. Whew! That felt like a long time.

    It surely feels like spring here. March is known to be Colorado's snowiest month but there has been NO snow here. It's lovely, but not good since we need the water badly. Our county has already put a total fire ban into effect.

  2. Wow!!I love your tiny

  3. The first day of Spring, and it does feel like a new beginning. So looking forward to being where there are actual seasons.

  4. i love seeing all the love pumping out of you cheerful little chimney! you read all those books? i am impressed. we were assigned a prayer for owen meany in the book club i dont go to. i might give it a try. happy spring! *how charming to see the dogs in fany little frames at your bedside*

  5. love the new piece of art! wonderful! and, i'm envious of your big stack of books from the library. my work has been crazy busy for a few weeks and i so miss my long hours of reading!!!

  6. Well, I recognize Revolutionary Road and The Reader...but what are the others??? Urggg, I am bending my head around to see!

    Lovely to see eagles! Surely a wonderful omen just for you alone!
    Happy First Day of a Glorious Spring, to you, Ms. Winnie and those felines!!

  7. Good morning, sweet sweet Susan! Bald eagles?!?! WOW! How amazing that must have been! :)

    And I love your little spring artwork. Adore it!

    Love you tons!

  8. Love the cat pic with the link as i do the bedside table loaded down with books. Whoa! that's alot.


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