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Friday, March 13, 2009

bon jour No. 1 - li'l art card

-13C with the wind feels like -23C this early morning. What's up with that ?
and Hey ! You ! what did you do with Spring. Big (long drawn out) Sigh !

I'm layered up in fleece and flannel this early morning and am about to hop in the hot land of bubbles and scent. I've just stoked the fires and turned the rattly noisy wood stove fan to the rattliest and noisiest setting hoping I can warm up this tres cold old brick house.

Things were hoppin' here yesterday atop the teak topped desk, actually they've been hoppin' all week. It's kind of my art therapy. Feelin' like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders ? Feeling blah, blue, down, sad, fetched up, in a funk, worried, hopeless, fretful and/or bleak ? Turn as many sections of your brain to the off position as you can muster, gag that little voice in your head with packing tape, get out the art supplies and draw, cut, paste, paint and create. And suddenly Oh my goodness Ver (most excellent DA*) will you look at the time ? ... Ahhh do declare it's 6pm and time for Missy D and I to go for our evening walk around this little village. Another day got through ... and with something to show for it.

Introducing new items dans la etsy shop this weekend ! - Li'l Art Cards - all originals - collage, gouache and ink drawings, signed, dated, matted ready to frame and attached to a beautiful blank bright white heavy card and sealed in a cellophane sleeve avec perfect white envelope. Is it original art or a greeting card ?

Hey ! it's both !

* Design Associate - just in case you thought I might try and take all the credit


  1. It's cold down here, too!! I went for my little evening walk and almost froze my nose off.

    Your cards are soooo charming!!!

  2. Yikes. - numbers? No thanks, really.

    Sweet cards. At least the Art Factory is humming along at hot.

  3. Your cards look great! It appears that you at least have a lot of sunshine along with that freezing weather.

  4. These cards are nice! I'll be checking in for your etsy update.

  5. Beautiful. I particularly like the "Dream On.." one, don't think I've seen it before.

  6. Why is everything you do so cute? Really.

  7. I love your new print, and they look so great lined up together :)

  8. its not so cold here, on the opposite side of the country ... but wet.

    love your cards. and, of course, your associate.


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