Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday's early morning walk along the harbour

1. secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals)
2. keep in one's possession; of animals
3. hold back a thought or feeling about
4. maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)

Lavender & vanilla bubbles this early morning - what a lovely combination. The temperatures are predicted to rise today to +6-8 and the forecast - mainly sunny (pluses are very good and much welcomed) and the sunshine will continue on with the job of melting all this remaining white and cold.

I've promised myself that today I will houseclean :-( I realize that I will come up with every possible excuse in the book to avoid this necessary evil to-do. Surely CE building is much more important than vacuuming (the tumble weeds of hair that you find in a house with three cats and one dog) I will try to convince myself. Oh, I'll get to that tomorrow I promise her (daily). But alas even I can't stand the squalor any longer. Sigh.

I am meant to be a kept woman. Kept by a busy team of seven invisible mute valets or at the very least by one weekly housecleaning dynamo - No. 4 on my Dreams Do Come True (uh huh ! they really do) list. But for today I will play the role of HD*, I will remain focused and I will continually chant, under my breath, a favourite mantra of mine action = motivation = more action (uh huh also very true) and I will reward myself later, for all of this HD* action, with some afternoon CE* building and a pot of tea back here at the teak topped desk - once my chores are tout fini. Mama's loves a deadline.

The birds are awake and busy outside in our garden, Mr. Calico Love has just arrived atop the TTD* with a chirp and mad purrs and I'm off to visit the lands of Lavender & Vanilla

HD * - Housecleaning Dynamo
CE*- Creative Empire
TTD*- Teak Topped Desk


  1. I'm partial to "One foot in front of the other" but then Matthew Good comes to mind and that's too somnabulistic for me most days.

  2. Oh, I like that mantra of yours! Mine vary: It will all be worth it in the end....That kitten will grow into a calm adult cat one day....You'll never have a tidy/clean/undamaged/fragrant (choose one or insert another word here to suit) house while you have children or animals....

  3. House cleaning brings up all kinds of excuses for me too. The photos of the harbour are lovely.

  4. So peaceful and serene, so the opposite of what I'm feeling right now. I can't seem to achieve serene and motivated at the same time, *sigh.*

  5. grrrrrherhahahaha! 7 invisible mute valets! perfect!
    theres a blues jazz club in new orleans - the safe harbor - that is a classic. it really is safety from bad shlock music. with the great yellow dog we had tumbleweeds - now we have trout with excellent short fur.

  6. Good evening, sweet Susan. Hope you're weekend is going well. Say, Ms. "HD * - Housecleaning Dynamo"...want to fly in and clean my place, too!!? =D hee hee

    Love you much!! xo

  7. Always enjoy stopping by here. Love the peace of the harbor pic.

    Oh my I am the underdog in a contest and need everyone I know to help. It's a photo-essay based competition and unfortunately is based upon getting popular votes. Having just entered I can't imagine getting 500 votes but maybe...is it possible? I just have to reach the top 20. sorry to talk about myself on your blog. well if anyone is interested in voting it's a good cause & on my blog.

  8. Such clarity in that first photo! One can never underestimate clarity in thought, word or action. I'm feeling decidedly 50+ foggy lately, and am mightily impressed with your sense of purpose!!xx

  9. "action=motivation=more action"
    I'm putting that one into my head and shall chant it faithfully in the weeks to come.

  10. Susan, I feel exactly like you do about cleaning...and my mixture of dog hair, spider webs and dirt is gettin thicker and thicker. I am inspired by you, and I WILL start right now. The pictures of the harbor are beautiful.

  11. I did not mean to be anonymous.

  12. Oh, well...I am Martha.


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