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Monday, March 30, 2009

Miss D and I had our first beach and frozen pasture walk of the new year

We never did meet up with Carol and tres handsome Duke (you can see in the photos of Miss D she is gazing off in the direction he would arrive from ... hoping to see him off in the distance). In a phone conversation later we came to the conclusion that while we were on the beach they were in the pasture and when we were in the pasture they were on the beach. Funny. Regardless Winnie and I had an amazing long hike and it's good to be back walking in our heavenly place.

This weekend - two days of full on blue sky, sunshine and warm temperatures. My first few loads of laundry hung out on the clothes line which all winter hung loose inches above a large white drift of frozen snow. Is there anything better than the smell of clothes or pillowcases fresh from the line ? Our big windows all opened wide for a time so that the fresh spring breezes could blow in on us. The gardens and petite forest around this old brick house absolutely filled with chattering birds all busily building their nests. Spring is here ... or was here. Today we're having freezing rain and ice pellets currently, later this morning turning to snow with a possible 20cm accumulation (a lot). Lovely.

I'm off to high school later this morning for the afternoon which I'm thinkin' will really help me to blow through yet another Monday.


  1. Susan
    Even in the snow and sometimes ice you are so disciplined with your walks... impressive.
    Somehow I have to get out of this sluggish stay in the house cause it's too cold this morning attitude and get back to my walking which I love.
    Thanks for the inspiration again.

  2. Here in Halifax it is pelting down rain and more rain. Love you pictures of the big melt in progress. Spring is here and is inching its way forward!

  3. Susan, these photos are gorgeous, such a pretty blue sky and lovely landscape. Miss D looks dashing; her personality comes through in your photos.

  4. Man look at those snow/ice chunks. They are HUGE but beautiful. So much beach to explore. Sad that Ms. Winnie did not get some play date time and with your big snow coming it might be a while. But it does make me wonder, how much snow does it take for there to be a snow day at the high school? I'm thinking a lot.

  5. It has been spring here up until a couple of days ago and then...oodles of snow. I can't complain though, because March and April snows are so important here and yet this month we've received none till now. Still....that spring weather was sure nice!

    I'm so glad you got out and started doing that school art class project. I love the atmosphere at the school Katy goes to. I'm there a lot. It's busy and cheerful and just a nice place to spend time.

  6. still look mighty cold up there!!

  7. we got up to 5 new inches of the white stuff yesterday too. This is the time of year that my fav handyman gets grumpy about new snow..he is ready for spring. Doesn't bother me. It was heavy and wet and took about an hour's worth of physical activity to shovel ... however, it wasn't by 15 minutes into it I was stripped down to a tee shirt...well, I did on pants too..hahahha...
    Today it is sunny...but we, too, know that it ain't spring yet..... not by a long shot...this can be the time of a 17 inch dump of snow ..seemingly out of nowhere....

  8. Spring is sputtering here also. Warm one day, cooold the next. Today I am back to wearing my fleecey pajamas for Monday morning paperwork. Not my favourite activity by any means.

    Love to the gorgeous Miss Winnie D. from Edward!

  9. I love the look of the ice and snow breaking up. Winn looks so sweetly wistful, waiting. And the sounds of birds in the spring makes me happy.

  10. Susan the photos are wonderful!! Enjoy your afternoon.

  11. how much you and miss d have missed your beach walks, i'm sure!! you know what a sucker i am for laundry blowing in the breeze on a clothesline!!

    hope you had a lovely monday!

  12. So, so beautiful :) I received my print from your etsy shop yesterday and I LOVE IT. Thank you Susan!


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