more ice palace

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1. the big tall elm across the street from us
2. the view from my studio/office window late afternoon a few days ago
3. our little harbour and the snowy park at the end of Black St.
4. a tree in our back yard tree glistening in the sun

Mild temperatures have arrived (hooray !) and the trees are nearly back to normal, the ice is gone and the wind thankfully never did arrive ... and this is usually a very windy little place. More empire building today, new big exciting CE projects atop the teak topped desk, plenty of puttering to do, a bit of cooking, a lunchtime walk with my girl Miss D and our friends Mag Sue (golden girl) and Deb, fires to stoke, pots of tea to drink. I've decided ! I'm having a worry free and lovely weekend. I'll try to remain totally in the moment that I'm in - I'm getting rather good at this In the Moment way of life and oh it feels so much better than all that usual Fret & Angst and it turns out - practice really does make perfect.

What's your weekend plan ? or perhaps there are some of you crazy spontaneous types a readin'. You know me - Mama loves a plan. Happy Weekend !

Current song doing repeat rotation dans this little head. More Canadian goodness Martha Wainright ... Uh Huh - sister of Rufus


  1. I am having a crazy, spontaneous kind of weekend. Setting any and all worries aside until Monday, where they belong!
    Hope you and the furry gang have a happy weekend in your lovely corner of the world.
    Thanks for all your techie help... I did get two windows open at a time. Never realized how to do that before!

  2. I promised Edward last night as we went to bed that he would join us in whatever we did today. So, we four are off to a beautiful garden resort about an hour from here, with loads of forest trails, lakes, and turtles!! Home by suppertime!!

  3. It is 63 in NY today- love it! your pictures of NS are beautiful! makes me want to return to your lovely island...

  4. Lovely, but glad it's melting too. I'm starting the whole move process this weekend, sorting stuff, planning purchases. Best for me to start as early as possible to try an avoid a mad scramble at the end. Always seems to come down to that though. :)


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