pas de rushing

Friday, March 27, 2009

mama's got some new tools ... and the always keen, most excellent DA*

I'm still rushing. Even though I'm sitting here at the teak topped desk, breathing deeply, sipping my coffee, enjoying the peace, the quiet and the darkness of another early morning - in my head I'm rushing and I hate rushing. It seems I have a lot on the go at the moment. Many little growing bonfires that all need to be tended to and don't get me wrong it's all Fantastic and this busyness helps keep me from drifting out into that choppy deep water. For the first time yesterday I could imagine having an assistant (oh ! pardon ! I do mean "another" assistant - sorry Oliver no slight intended) the only snag of course would be the salary part. Fortunately my current DA* works very cheaply - pats, sweet kisses and a constant supply of Whiskas Temptations and he's good to go ... and never, ever complains.

With tourista season looming and several (4 or 5) retail opportunities abounding - the latest arriving via email yesterday from this tres cool shop love me boutique in the city. I must get super organized and there is much work to do. And all of this retail stuff - quite a separate CE* venture from the Lands of Etsy and of my well paying, need-to-keep-on-top-of day job - designing mostly photo frames for Customer No Uno.

New tools and art supplies arrived this week from Mr. Purolator. I made a "merci !" stamp for my kraft mailers using old hand me down lino-cutting tools and Speedball's super easy to cut, cuts like buttah, Speedy-Cut. I'm just warming up to tackle the (much harder to cut) piece of linoleum that also arrived in my art supply package. Unfortunately the Speedy-cut doesn't come as big as I would like so I'm going to try and make a lino-cut of my Everything Reminds Me of My Dog (and you all know who I'd be talkin' about - uh huh ! that sweet Noodle ! of course).

You sure can tell spring is here by the sound of all the birds singing in our big yard this early morning. Very happy sigh ! They're back and we're so glad.

*DA - Design Assistant and red retriever in disguise
*CE - Creative Empire

merci beaucoup !!


  1. I've got assistant experience. However relocation with no salary might be an issue. But if we're talking work from the Home Prairie, I'd apply (said she who would work for seafood).
    Happy Friday. They are calling for Big Snow out here on the Prairie. Expect many pictures of poor little daffodils buried in snow.

  2. Fabulous "merci" stamp. You have the most marvelous quirky style, Susan!

  3. Susan, I am impressed and a little mystified by all the tools you use and how it all comes together to make your delightful art.
    And your little DA is just irresistible!

  4. I love Oliver....there I've said it..and I don't care who knows it .... lol.......

    I'm with Big Shamu...I could/would help if it was working from here...but that would take postage..and that would surely negate any profit...

  5. You do have the handsomest assistant I've ever seen! Those perfectly well-placed paws!

  6. I did some damage to my left hand once using a lino cutting tool in art class. That's what impatience will do for ya. And, boy!, there is a LOT going on this spring, isn't there?

  7. Needed to go back to your deep water link, so that I could revisit others advice - and lo and behold my own was there! So I've given myself a good talking to!It's good to know we are all vulnerable at times. I really appreciate how open you are Susan, and how you create the most delightful pieces.Hope all is going well health-wise, and no mention yet of giving up the coffee?? No, I wouldn't either. Lots of love to you and your able

  8. I've loved your packaging from the start, but your "merci" stamp is just the icing on the cake. It's wonderful!


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