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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dog painting that hangs in my bedroom

I bought this a few years ago in an old country store in downtown Earltown. One of those way out in the country stores - that funny combination of groceries, a gas pump, some farm supplies, a few tools and the odd antique & vintage item. I paid $100. for it and I love it. I'm more than halfway through the novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and I decided last night that it is a very good book, after not being sure for the first several hundred pages how I felt about it. I think I mostly felt afraid that it would make sad. Sadder. But it hasn't and it's a very good story. The main dog character, Almondine, reminds me very much of my best girl Winnie Dixon.

There's a big huge, nearly full, moon high up in the sky and shining in on us this early morning. Yesterday finally felt a bit like spring although it's still cold - colder than I'd like. When Miss D and I stepped outside again for our second walk around 5:30pm the sun had been shining all day. Much melting and dripping. The harbour, now partially open again, was still as glass and sparkling and filled with ducks and the sky was blue blue. I'm off to school today - this morning so I must get going I've got lots to do to get ready.

Thanks for the lino block drawing encouragement.
I'm tres excited about this new adventure.


  1. Your posts never fail to make me smile.

  2. thanks Georgie - your comment made me smile !

  3. I have been leery of reading that book too, because I was afraid it would make me sad. Maybe I will give it a try.

  4. That portrait is sweet. Nice find. I love discoveries like that.
    Happy Wednesday

  5. Good mornign, sweet Susan! I am back!! :) Hope you are doing well. I am going to read through your last week of blogs to catch up.

    Missed you and love you tonnes! I had a great time AND...I am going back...permanently! woot!


  6. Oh, gosh. I love that old painting.

    I have been waiting for your review of Edgar Sawtelle. I bought it, based on good reviews from friends, but I've been afraid of dog sadness, so haven't read it. When I read that you were into it, I knew you'd let me know the truth. I'm happy to know I can start it now!!

    Edward sends love to Miss. Win!!

  7. last night the moon here in jawja was like right out of a thomas hart benton painting.very moody spooky clouds partially obscuring a full moon. amazing. i might read edgar sawtelle. we talked about it for the book club -ive already faded just like i knew i would. (maybe i will be back in december when suzanne serves somosas?) hahaha

  8. Lovely painting, and those old country stores are just fantastic, never know what you're going to find. Have fun at school today!

  9. Hi y'all I'm back from a full day at school. I am recommending Edgar Sawtelle although I am just past half way through and am hoping nothing too sad or tragic happens in the last half (to the dogs - sadly am not as bothered by human tragedy I will confess) and you know the thing I love so much about this dog painting is the chair - the chair is too funny, too sweet !

  10. I can see why you love your doggie painting! I do, too!!

  11. I am completely in love with the dog painting! But it is all about the dog for me! Great purchase!


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