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Thursday, March 19, 2009

uh huh, uh huh

'cause anything & everything is possible.
I know this to be true.

More Lil' Art ready and waiting for new shop opening - this weekend ...for sure.

PBS is in the midst of another pledge drive, you know when they telecast all those great self help shows back to back with breaks along the way to ask for money (which I would send them if I had a little more because I do so love PBS). Shows like Wayne Dyer and the Power of Intention, Suzie Orman's Woman & Money, Heart Health Yoga and Sunday night I taped a 90 min show with Dr. Mark Hyman called The UltraMind Solution.* The show was very interesting and among the 7 keys to optimum brain function (emotional resilience and mental clarity) nutrition is huge. Dr Hyman explains how sugar (and he's talking about the big S sugar meaning refined carbs as well as m&m's and cupcakes), gluten (wheat, rye & barley) and dairy (oh ! say it ain't so) can result in an allergic reaction and be the major cause for depression, anxiety, memory loss, lethargy etc .... Dr James Gordon in his book UnStuck (another fabulous book on dealing with depression) says the same thing and they both suggest a 6 week stint eliminating those three things from our diet (and I bet coffee's out too). Just to try it, for 6 weeks to see if you feel better, if you feel different. As someone who does battle with my emotions on a daily basis (often several times in the same day) wouldn't I love to see ... if there was a difference. Who knows maybe M. Invincible might move right in and stay for the summer.

Dairy and coffee would be the hardest for me. I am, without question, psychologically addicted to my morning coffee and I do love, love milk and cheese. Gluten would be hard too and no sugar ... well that's just plain sad ;-(

Pondering a 6 week elimination here at the teak topped desk this early morning ... just to see ... I honestly don't know if I could do it and how sad is that ?

* I just ordered this book from my library. Hooray !


  1. I was terribly depressed and my brain was one big blob about five years ago. My creativity was gone and I was completely sad and dormant. Found out it was my thyroid! (hypo) One little Synthroid pill every morning has changed my life. (Not to say I don't have a down day now and then.)

    The diet sounds like a good idea. If it doesn't make my brain work better, maybe it will get rid of some of my bloggy blub! :^)

  2. Morning Willow ... I actually have an apt. this afternoon with the nurse practitioner to order blood work to check on both my thyroid and those pesky hormone levels. I'm looking forward to getting the book from the library and I would love to see if I couldn't try the 6 week trial ... I agree (at the very least) it would help with any remnants of blog blub.

  3. You are the second person to suggest this and I, like you, find it hard to give up my diary and sugar. There are some things I have an incredible strength of will power to avoid, food in it's wide variety is not one.
    Good luck on your appointment today and keep us updated IF you attempt the 6 weeks of denial.

  4. would one cup of coffee in the morning make that much difference? or are they talking several or endless cups? ... and how can I not have my milk? I need extra for osteoporosis,.. and figure the real stuff is not as bad as popping calcium tabs that might just sit there or go straight through... mostly they sit there like giant corks..they constipate...... what's a gal to do for right?

  5. I love this dream card.

    It would be tough to give up coffee. It's become a ritual for me over the last few years. To wake up and sit quietly while having my coffee.

    I hope things go well for you!

  6. I only watched part of the show, and boy, he suggested eliminating EVERYTHING. Coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat, soy oil, food additives...and get your mercury fillings replaced too. I do think our diets and overall health are pretty bad, but I get a little skeptical when his book is $120, the DVD is $90 and personal coaching is $395.

  7. Actually J. the book is 20.00 CAN (even less US$) and that whole $365. DVD, coaching - "the works" pledge package is the thing they do at PBS. They have a similar package for all the big guests - Suzie Orman, Wayne Dyer etc.. and he did say removal of mercury fillings was in cases of extreme mercury sensitivity.

    I'm sitting here as usual with my morning mug of caffeine, with a lots of dairy and a bit of sugar. Wink. I do believe that it's worth a try I'm just trying to figure out if I could actually do it. 6 weeks seems like a long time.


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