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Saturday, March 21, 2009

matted, avec envelope and sealed with love in cellophane

good things come - la motto here at 29 Black Street
but ya have to dream the things and you must believe in them ... and I do

I spent 90 minutes revising my new 29blackstreet etsy banner yesterday morning and getting the shop home page set up. That's about 75 mins more than it should have taken. Sigh. Anyone who has an etsy shop knows well that the fun part of etsy is creating all the wares to put in the shop. The not so fun part (made much worse by technical ineptness on my part) is the actual setting up of the shop, the taking of photos, the scanning, the resizing and uploading, the shop policies, the shipping options ... and on. However I do know now, because of shop No 1 , that once it's all said & done - the feeling of immense satisfaction will be tres gratifying. So ... with that in mind I will keep calm and carry on today setting up this new (properly named) shop - the 29 Black Street shop.

I'm at the thumbnail stage of another project for customer No. Uno which means $ dans la bank account. Big Phew ! I'm scheming, planning and creating Lil' Art to sell round these parts come summer and tourista season. People travelling around love to pick up a little somethin' somethin' that's from here - either created by a Nova Scotia artist/designer/craftsperson or perhaps a depiction of - a reminder of their visit and I do plan to offer both. We're talking white wire 5x7 card spinners filled (hopefully) with Lil' Art cards and Photo Art cards to place in 3 or 4 retail venues (to start). Watch out ! Mama's been plannin'. It's all tres exciting and I have much to do to get ready for all this. I definitely need to make la list.

I'm also beginning the creation of the ultimate, super duper pros vs cons list of
Do I Move (Or Do I Stay for a few more years) - stayed tuned for that excitement. So far we have ...

Con - this gigantic geezley yard-can you say overgrown, wild & tangled more than double lot? and the upkeep & maintenance there of - I think I need to lie down.
Pro - the spectacular sunsets over our little harbour that I watch each night from les studio window. Absolutely beautiful and I feel like I've lived here all these years and I only lately have really begun to appreciate them.


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. Once again, I find myself catching up on your blog. Ugh. Forgive me! I so LOVE your blog...guess I have too much on my plate still. =/

    Nevertheless, I started reading back to catch up. Left a comment here and there.

    Love the whole "Good things Come". I need to remember that, especially right now in this very trying time of my life for me.

    And hmmm...would love to know if you go or stay in your little ADORABLE cottage one more year. :)

    Much love to you and the furry gang!


  2. The Creative Empire is growing by leaps and bounds! So much going on in that little village of yours.

  3. Shamu's comment made me laugh out loud! In your case, the pros definitely outway the cons.

    CE is on a roll!!

  4. Ya know ... a would LOVE a little gaggle of goats. I think they are one of the sweetest animals ... not sure my neighbours would agree - just might increase, by a tad, my "weirdo" stature.

    + I've only just began the pro/con list.

  5. you continue to inspire me, susan! and, yes the fun part of an etsy shop is creating the wares! the rest of it is jut have-to maintenance in my mind. a lot like your tres big yard!!

  6. Wonderful projects in the works! Great energy here at 29 Black Street, Susan. I have some pros for you to stay put for a while because you seem to be connecting to the community. There's more of a give and take with other's there...when you move, you will begin again.

    Also les gang needs to be considered...don't they love the freedom of the beach walks? A condo is nice and can make life less complicated but sometimes it is a bit disconnected from others and the earth. I have made the same decision before...and remade, and remade the's hard to decide finally. I still live in the country...and the dogs need the space. As you know I have nine! Visit me again at Oasis. I posted a photo of my daughter. <3

  7. I've moved on to the "things to do before we move" list, and MAN!, is it a long one. I have to remember to take it bit by bit, so as not to feel overwhelmed.

  8. Here I am with my morning cup of coffee to check into Black Street, and you're probably just off to bed. How are you going to give up that morning cup Susan! You are brave and adventurous if you decide to do the 6-week trek along the road of self-denial.Isn't Big Shamu's comment wonderful!Years ago,we had a cage of rabbits we shifted around on our much smaller area of grass. Did an excellent job, but given the size of your yard they'd explode.xx

  9. I love your tangled yard!!! I have one, too ...and am not able to care for it. I also have a house covered in wisteria, ivy, and Virginia creeper. I love it and wish everone else did. What if we had ten little shrubs all in a row with neat annuals in front? I would feel "bereft!" All the luxuriant growth makes me feel satisfied somehow. Also all my "stacks" inside do the same thing.I know I have a little scrap of red mohair I am rich in goods even if they are not valuable to anyone else. I wish I could buy your house, but you would have to stay, too...AND the little fur-people as well. Dreams SOMETIMES come true. I hope you can stay in the house.

  10. I have six animals right now...all strays: Cubby the chow/golden retriever; Clem the black Lab/Setter; Maddy the Beagle; Mama-Cat (looks part raccoon!); Light, the light kitty; and Dark the dark kitty! Also raccoons, deer, 5000 squirrels, possums, fox, wood chucks, beaver, coyotes, etc. But Memphis is moving eastward, and we don't like it. We have 7 acres with State WildLife Preserve surrounding us...but we need money to fix our house. It's a dillema.
    Sorry I haven't written before now. My sister and I discuss your blog every day. When you were repairing your radiator/boiler, we wanted to come to Nova Scotia. And we are in love with your animals, and the wonderful flannel/down "nest." Martha (6/24/45) and Diane (5/02/47)

  11. Thank you Martha & Diane for stopping by and sharing a bit your own tangled life avec dogs and cats sounds wonderful. Lovely to meet you both. I do worry (and care) far too much about what others think of me and my overgrown jungle of a yard - it's really the main reason it bothers me ... because I'm convinced it bothers all my neighbours (and it probably does).

    I guess I'm looking for some peace of mind when I think about having a new much smaller - tiny life and home. Less to fret about more time for the things that I love.

  12. you know if you wre my neighbour your overgronw yard wouldnt bug me at all--now loud music at all hours would but not wild life adn natural habitat!

    Of course a con to staying is expense and a pro for moving is simplicity as you stated before but i can also think of plenty of reasons to stay for you too. I'm sure you will make the right decision. Either way i will enjoy reading your blog. both would be interesting on a purely selfish/intriguing front for us.

  13. BTW you Etsy shop is incredible. lvoe everything in it. you are so talented. one day, one day I m goon a buy something there as soon as I get my feet back on the ground...however long that will be.


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