storm day

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

peonies from our gardens - from the photography archives

Enough already ! Enough of the white, the wet, the icy, the cold. Sigh.

School was dismissed just past lunch because of the weather. Tiny pea sized pellets of ice had changing into blowing fat flakes of snow and the big yellow buses lined up to take their charges home, many who live miles and miles out into the country and on very secondary roads. I came home and retreated to the nest for a nap and read with my current book - all afternoon. Uh Huh ! Got up again at suppertime long enough for a snowy walk with Winnie Dixon and to do the dishes. I should have shoveled some but didn't feel like it, so I puttered a bit, just long enough until I felt justified in returning to my nest, to the always safe & cozy nest of down and flannel, with a big cup of tea and more of my book, to retreat to the lives of other people. Sigh. Monday's & me ... I guess it really was a storm day.

20-30cms of snow yesterday. Thick, wet, heavy snow. So much snow school is canceled again today. Shoveling is top of the list this early morning ... after of course, a walk around this very snowy village with Miss D.

11:00 am - Phew !! Now this explains a lot !! check out your biorhythms here.


  1. un-unnn 20-30 cm. I'll stop complaining now. d'ph!

  2. In your kept woman life I'm assuming that the seven mute valets will also shovel pounds of snow?
    Will be very excited to see your beautiful pictures of an honest to goodness snow storm so when anyone here moans and groans about some measly three inches I can show them your photos and say "Here, THIS is snow, stop whining and go to work!"

  3. Boy those peonies look wonderful.

    Hey, nesting in bed like that with a good book is a perfectly valid Monday activity. You even got your walk in!

  4. Nothing wrong with chillin in bed with a good book! And your!! Beautiful! You are an amazing photographer!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  5. oh, man.... according to mine...I am doomed. Sextuple lows in the middle of a great flux.... surprisingly, I feel pretty darn good....and none of the usual blah or sluggishness associated with that for sure. You know, I think my daily workout routines are having a very positive affect on my day to day activities and for sure I feel much stronger physically. I feel more buoyant mentally. And emotionally...I am floating along happily in my little boat. Didn't bother doing my weights after shovelling for an hour on Sunday..or whatever day that was..I never know or care what day it really is... and... today I must away while the sun is shining....we are in for some more snow later today as well......................

    have a good Tuesday.... I know, because the garbage cans are out there...that means it is Tuesday.......

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

  7. Now what makes you so sure that there will be photos of snow (Big Shamu & Carol) ? That's why you're seein' photos of peonies. I'm afraid I'm sick of whiteness and tired of cold so ... I'm thinkin' no snow photos folks.

    And boy B Vee , buoyant is good. I'd take buoyant ... my ol' rhythms are in the ditch today - my emotions, my physical, my passion, my wisdom and hey ! even my mastery.
    Think I'll go make a pot of tea ;-)

  8. Our winter is still with us as well, although not with as much determination. It's a cold rain we have, not snow. But those peonies...! Such a sweet reminder that Spring will finally get here! Right? We have had a few days recently that suggest it still exists!

  9. How I wish for your weather. It is 86 degrees here and humid. It is unbearable. Look at those peonies! One of my favorite flowers and we cannot grow them in this climate.

  10. I like the colours in your peonie photos Susan. Small vases of flowers are so cheery!

  11. Wow, Im going to have a Triple Peak Alignment on my birthday next month! Something to look forward to.

    Take heart, summer is creeping in, as it is slipping away here.

  12. oh, if only those peonies had just been plucked from your garden, eh??! nesting sounds like a dream. i'm wading thru another uninspiring work week so i can come home and be inspired in the art room. hee hee

    are you enjoying the wally lamb book? i liked it but not nearly as much as his first 2.

  13. This may sound weird, but I envy anyone who has snow that gets deep enough to require shovelling. Not, of course, the depth of snow that blocks your doors and windows and makes you wonder if your frozen remains will be found in Spring, but I would love to shovel snow! And I would do it meticulously too.

    However, archives of flower pictures are a must in order to survive the dreariness of winter and to remind us that it won't last forever.

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