Thursday, March 5, 2009

the park at the end of Black Street and steps from our front door

Living in an Ice Palace continues here in our little village by the sea. Jaw dropping beauty everywhere you look. Miss D and I were forced to leave the teak topped desk several times yesterday because the spectacular view outside our little second floor studio/office was calling to us (and my camera). Sunshine, blue skies, dark clouds and sparkling sparkling everywhere. The village is a buzz with all this beauty. Strangers speak to you - they can't help themselves, people seem happy and chatty. Every single tiny thing is coated in a thick layer of ice causing the entire village to shine and thankfully we haven't had a whiff of wind. Wind could turn all of this beauty into a very dangerous situation.

The weather forecast is calling for continued cold today and tomorrow so our ice palace living is here for a while yet and then a spell of tres mild weather will begin Saturday so by the weekend all of this sparkling beauty will be gone.

Back to the nest this early morning with my coffee, journal and of course - Missy D.

our little harbour early last evening


  1. Wow! This first photo is Blackstreet card worthy! Gorgeous!!!

  2. Your photos glow with a beautiful light.

  3. OMIgosh...I'm so glad we are getting the wind and not you guys! A cold front blew in overnight..a bit of new drifting snow, because the wind is wild. Gusting to about 80kph.... a big garbage can just bounced down the alley... I've got mine tucked up against the house...
    the ruts that were slushy/sloppy yesterday with milder temps and lovely warm sun... ..well, today are huge, rough, high sided, deadly and crunchy..

  4. It's so beautiful there. I love the contrast of the dark clouds, gleaming ice and brilliant sunshine. I can see how you'd be distracted.

  5. I'm with J, that big scary dark sky with the glazy trees is fantastic.

    That being said, if I saw that sky, I'd stock up on canned goods and a camp/cook stove with plenty of gas.

  6. When there is icy on everything, I like it when there is a little breeze. You not only get the beauty, but the little clinking the icy makes is wonderful. Like a natural wind chime....very other worldly.
    Nice photos.

  7. That is really so spectacular. Wish I could see it in person.


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