Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the tres lovely and much loved Missy D (Winnie Dixon)

My girl - she does love to bask.

Yesterday was a day - a day of flat out busyness all day and into the evening and when all was said and done- not much to show for it at all. Don't ya hate those days. Things worked on, laboured over really, just don't quite turn out the way you'd hoped, then your forced, begrudgingly, to chock that time spent up to process & practice. Sigh. I feel sleepy this early morning (but I thankfully have my big steaming mug of coffee) and another busy day ahead of me. Off to the high school for the morning, then an apt after lunch for a hair cut, a few errands and then back to the teak topped desk for an hour or two of pm Empire Building.

Hey ! We're (and I do mean the big ol' We - even including this old brick house/cottage) featured today over at most excellent, most favourite (& Canadian to boot) design blog Poppytalk. Hooray !!! Merci Jan !!

can you say fetching* ?

*Miss D's beautiful Fall/Winter 09 collar came from this great etsy shop. She has her eye on this beauty for Spring/Summer 09

A gorgeous song heard this early morning while lingering in the land of bubbles & scent. I hadn't heard it in a long while and it reminds me of summers and drivin' in the car to the beach with the windows all rolled down and of my big red boy - Jake. Makes me cry big fat tears of love. Newfoundland singer songwriter Amelia Curran


  1. She looks like a wiser, more patient, version of my Apple.

    Such a handsome girl!

  2. I know that look.
    "What? AGAIN with the camera?"

  3. That really is a cool collar. I'm off to Poppytalk to take a peek...

  4. Such a lovable sweetheart! And I hate days where I KNOW I accomplished more than it feels like.

  5. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW.!!!1 I am SOOOO excited for you, Susan. The Poppy talk website write up is not only lovely--great pics of yours the chose (hope they got your permission first though!) but the site itself is INCREDIBLE too--like yours. Beautiful. I LOVE IT. There are few sites that move me like that but the design of this one soo gets me. TY for being such an inspiration and posting back to other great sites.

    I don't have my headphones so cant listen to music yet.

  6. BTW, I added a link to their site and back to you on my blog side bar this morning. Thank you. :)

  7. fetching indeed! i've never seen a dog so proud and available to pose for a photo! presley has found his spot in the sun here in the art room again lately! thank goodness the sun is moving northward!!

  8. She's so sweet looking Susan, I don't wonder that you are so crazy about her! Give the sweet girl a big hug from me?


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