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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

you know who - l'assistant creative - Oliver

Well what a difference a day can make. Ahhhh ! coffee brewed at the proper time and ready as if by magic for me to pour as I scuff downstairs just before 5am. Bubbles & scent are waiting, lights glowing to scuff by, my much loved CBC voices at the touch of a button (I do thankfully have a wind-up, solar, battery powered radio which came in tres handy yesterday). Ahhhh the wonders of electricity I am so grateful this morning that I live such a life of luxury. Our world this early morning is still completed coated with a thick layer of ice. I'm amazed that our power actually came on as quickly as it did. Way to Go NS Power! Miss D and I went for our walk early in the evening last night and we walked through an ice palace village quiet and still, everything sparkling and shining by the light of the street lamps and the tree branches all bent down to greet us. Amazingly beautiful.

Sweet Oliver is hangin" here with me at the teak topped desk (what's new pussycat?) as I type and we're loving these oh so perfect for the office kitten accessories from etsy shop whiskerkisses. Oliver's having a tres hard time choosing between the dude-a-licious Birding motif or the more staid I'm a cat who's climbin' the ladder of CE* success Manager look. Any thoughts? Now if we can just find the right petite argyle vest.

* Creative Empire

time for a coffee break

Scenes from our walk this morning - wow. It's cold but the sun is up, the sky is clear and as blue as blue can be. I wonder how long it will take for the heat of the sun to melt all this ice ?

standing in the street in front of 29 Black, the big beautiful elm directly across from our big pine tree and the view into our back yard


  1. Those Oliver shots are just wonderful today, Susan!

    Wow, you are really frozen up. When I lived in the south we had plenty of ice storms. They would just ravage the trees. Don't get that here in the deep Rockies, though. Actually, now and for the past month at least it's been like spring here. Snow's melted almost everywhere except on the fourteeners. March, however, is typically our snowiest month. Big, wet spring snows that water the grass, wildflower roots and seeds and the trees. They had better hurry and come. It's already almost one week into March and no snow. No spring snow means summer fears about fire.

    Hey, we can do this on email,but I'm wondering if you ever get hits on your house for sell site that aren't from your blog friends? I need to do a site on my house but the trick of course is to generate hits.

  2. The photos are beautiful, but oh does it look cold...especially to this Texan! Oliver looks so cute, as always.

  3. Whoa! LOVE LOVE the pics of Oliver! :) Cute cute!

    And wow...look at all that ice. Although it's a pain, it IS SO beautiful, too! =D

    Love you tonnes and tonnes! xo

  4. I just love the way Oliver sits with his two perfect feet together in the perfect pose. What a delightful office assistant he must be.

    Our sky is finally blue here today as well. Perhaps it will be warmer also. I love the cold, but confess to being a wee bit tired of shivering. Edward and Apple however, wish it would remain cold forever!

    Happy day to you, Susan!

  5. love the ice pics....if you get a couple of great ones of lovely branches or special scenes.. .. perhaps they could be additions to your Etsy collection... and, I'm waiting to see if you get some more big icebergs in the harbour...

    we are definitely spoiled living where we do.... power all the time... with such ease..... I thank my lucky stars....

  6. Ver is SO adorable! I think he'd look great in the birdie motif. And while the ice is terribly beautiful, it just conjures memories of hunching around carefully, ice cleats on the bottoms of my boots...yuck.

  7. Cats have a way of finding the most comfortable place in the house. Hope you get a thaw soon so those power lines will survive. Pretty but on the edge.

  8. Cats have always gotten my heart. He is adorable. Glad you are with the perfect cup of coffee and though your landscape is frozen, it is lovely!

  9. Delightful Susan! Good that the snow is starting to thaw, but guess it can be slippery on those walks.Seems like things are ticking along nicely over at Black Street. Oliver is beautiful. I think he knows that.Cats seem to take it as a foregone conclusion.

  10. I laughed out loud at the Oliver shots!

    Just a few hours without power really makes you count your blessings, doesn't it? I thought I would die when we were without for 24 hours from the hurricane winds.

  11. Ive never been anywhere like your pictures of your icy village, it looks so surreal and beautiful.

    Those neck ties are perfect for Oliver. I think id go with the the first one, it expresses a creative (but professional) vibe. :)

  12. Love the ice palace and appreciation for life's simple luxuries like even electricity and a coffee maker. So true.


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