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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A favourite scarf I wear as a turtleneck

My latest MO - turtlenecks

Not my latest Modus Operandi
but my latest Mild Obsession. A soon to be regular segment on this blog since I have a slew of latest Mild Obsessions. Thought I'd share some of them.


and the higher, the softer, the fleecier, the cozier - the better. I find I don't want to wear any other kind of top. I have a favourite homely, moss green, fleece Eddie Bauer pullover that I bought second hand 6 years ago at Frenchy's (a tres famous second hand haunt in these parts) and I swear if I could wear it 24/7 I would. I take it off, wash it and put it back on again. Ahhh ! The wardrobe of the self employed designer gal - it's Casual Friday 7 days of the week 'round here. I have it on now and the turtleneck is stretched up high totally covering my neck, chin, mouth and part of my nose. And I've recently discovered the scarf-as-turtleneck pictured above (which I wear all day around the house until bedtime especially on days when the homely, moss green, fleece number is being laundered). Austen's been knitting beautiful neck warmers - Cowls - over at Stripey Pebble - now there's a knitting project that I might actually finish. It's kind of like an adult security blanket for me and it's also the part of my body most affected by being cold. And it's been a very cold and long winter. It's snowing here as we speak.

I'm posting this entry without my morning coffee. Sigh. Back to the nest to kill some time until I can warm up the car and get ready to go have my blood work done.

I'm back - coffee's brewing, blood work taken, schools are canceled and there's a wee March blizzard happenin' outside. Snug as bugs we are.


  1. Could this Mild Obsession have something to do with the neighbors thinking you a tad weirdish?

    So what was the official time frame of going without coffee? We need to set a baseline.

  2. Hmmmmm ... possibly B. Shamu but I think this MO has a lot to do with me being a cheapo and not turning the heat up.

    2 hours and 17 mins ... I'm quite impressed with myself and oh ! our reunion was tres sweet ! I now know this for sure - there will be NO 6 week caffeine detox happenin' at 29 Black Street. 2 hrs & 17 mins was plenty long enough. Java Junkies of the world Unite !!

  3. Are you aware of just how lovely your life sounds? Would I buy your house if I could? You bet! Here in a cold north eastern brick and concrete city in England, I dream of views, and trees, and little villages. I have some of the lifestyle (not doing very much, puttering as the default position) but the setting is all wrong, and one day the cats and I want to live somewhere very like 29 Black Street!

  4. Susan, have you read Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck"? You like wearing turtlenecks to keep warm; she likes wearing them for cosmetic purposes. I tried that for a while, but hot flashes forced me to uncover my neck.

    Also, wearing anything around my neck now seems to emphasize the extra skin around my chin. You have shown me the solution to that... cover my chin with it, too.

  5. 2 hours and 17 minutes. I'm also impressed. Pretty funny that there will be no detox. I was already imagining a very jittery turtleneck.

  6. Susan these self portraits are gorgeous!!! You have the most beautiful clear blue eyes.

    I am a turtleneck kind of girl, too. In fact, if it wasn't do dang hot in the summer I would where them year round. I definitely have a scarf fetish, too.

    Nora Ephron's book is a stitch! So entertaining. Cute how she incorporates the turtleneck thing into her film "Something's Gotta Give" with Keaton's character Erica Berry being a "turtleneck kind of girl".

  7. I know this wardrobe. I have it. A grey wool sweater, tube scarves. Spray perfume in your scraf and smell the pretty all day long.

  8. I completely adore turtlenecks! One of the best things about winter. I especially like the ones that stay tight up around my neck and down flop down. Now that I've taken up knitting... those cowls are certainly on my to do list.

    Blood work. Ick. I'm a fainter.

    And Edgar Sawtelle? I haven't got to it yet,but it's nearing the top of the stack! I will let you know!

  9. Susan your blog is awesome and your in Nova Scotia that's brilliant. My cousin lives in ST. John's. I discovered your blog on Paris's blog she named you in her last post...a very kind comment.

    So here I am...I live in ottawa well really I live in Gatineau the french side hahaha, so funny trying to tell people about that in my blog so I just gave up and tell people i live in's easier.

    It's nice to come across fellow Canadians, in this huge blog world. I wanted to say Hi...and I hope you drop by my blog.

    As for your Obsession, well I got one of my own it's jeans and runners holy's not funny but I can't help it hahahah...and really I don't care what anyone else thinks about it, hahahah.

    I will read a few of your posts later on today because I'm at home with a cold.

    Take Good Care

  10. Susan,

    Been swamped lately and have not been in the blog word for quite some time. Just finished a stress full job and thought to myself, "I really need to go pop over to Susn'a and see what the gang is up to!" I've missed so much. Again, more gorgeous photography to boot. I will have to backtrack over next few days and leave lil notes all over the place.

    And yeah, being a cheapskate and keeping heat down explains the polos/turtlenecks. I love those too for much the same eason. Lately I've got into my zippered up collared sweater though which do much the same thing.

    funny, I had not idea you had such glorious lush red hair. Wow.

  11. Penelope Susan Black.... good thing you are not covering your perfect nose.... I can relate to scarves.... I hate when winter weather gets to my neck and chest. I tout it as the one of the prime reasons I never get colds....

    my obsession is wearing my 'jammies all day. neighbours finally got used to seeing me retrieve mail or the garbage can in my penguin or my teddy bear 'jammies.... although I'm sure one of them things I just get up later and later in the day. I only change to clothes about supper time... before Greg gets home...hahahha...although even then...sometimes......

  12. Susan you hair is the exact shade of mine. Except my eyes are hazel, not your liquid blue.

  13. I love turtlenecks. The coziness, the extra them.

  14. Hey I think your hair has grown a bit since we last saw each other.

    I love my scarves too. This winter I want arm warmers. I may have to learn to knit.


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