Sunday, March 1, 2009

and oh what a tangled garden it is

giant oriental poppies, yellow roses that smell of lemon & perfect pink peonies.

I'm actually looking forward to this years gardening season. Shut Up ! No, it's true - I think I may have found a yard man (fingers crossed) someone to come once a week and take la beast rouge out for a spin. A job that I detest with such intensity it surprises even me and anyone who's been hanging around here at 29 Black Street awhile knows tres well. I think it's the noise, it's the fumes, it's all the loud chomping spewing of it ... I hate mowing the lawn. There I said it.

I think if I could just spend my time puttering (I'm such a good putterer) around in the garden, weeding a little, hacking a little, planting a little I might really enjoy this upcoming gardening season. I realize now, looking back on last summer that I was really very sick with sadness ... I felt completely lost without my big red stick fetching boy. How could it possibly be summer without Jake in it ? I'm amazed still, that I managed to plod along through, with much thanks to MLou who continually held me up when I would begin to sink again and saved me ... over and over again. I am hoping for a much happier, brighter summer this year.

We gotta sell this old brick house ... now that's a project. Yikes ! Please stay tuned.


  1. Oh Susan, your cottage garden is what dreams are made of...I know what you mean about noise and disruption, though. We have someone who tends the yard, and the dogs go crazy. I just stay in the house until its over. But I just love to plant things and watch them grow. You have a beautiful place to enjoy garden life...so given some imagination, this summer could be magical. <3

  2. man i love those icelandic poppies. i look forward to spring too. so are you going to tell the story of 29 blackstreet for us new devotees? (its chickory btw)

  3. Sweet Susan.......wonderul pictures!

  4. I agree with you I hate the lawn monster too, after years of doing it , last summer I riped my lawn out and planted everything, people thought I was crazed.

  5. I bought myself a package of garden gloves to put me in the mood. I always start out with gusto in the early spring, then after my first case of poison ivy and the summer heat kicks in, I fizzle out. Weeds take over.

  6. God I love your garden. I miss gardening but up here in the mountains, I have too many obstacles, most of them four footed (or hoofed). I am planning to do a giant pot garden on the deck, but even then, when I leave on a couple of extended trips this summer I'll need to find a house sitter (hopefully one who, wanting a couple of weeks in the cool Rockies, will do it for free). If I don't the chipmunks will level everything.

    We'll both be selling, or trying to, this summer. Will be interesting and fun to have a partner so to speak.

    btw, I wasn't exactly sipping pina coladas with him but, well....that's not a bad idea at all. Finally wrote today.

  7. It'll be quite some time before our snow melts and any new little green shoots dare to poke out ...so, I try not to get too excited ...yet...

    if I lived next door I'd just mow right over there... and the neighbour on the other side as well...too keep things looking tidy for all 3 of us...

    then, you could come weed a bit at my place...lol...
    actually..not many weeds grow betwixt and between my flowers and shrubs anymore... it's great. The garden pretty much takes care of itself now....although I do love to plant some annuals each spring... for extra colour in between the regular flowerings.... vivid petunias... lots of snapdragons..some cosmos.... and of course... tons of goodies in all my big pots....ooooh;...now I am getting excited about being able to get out and do things in the yard other than building snowmen...hahahhah......

    Greg was just saying today that it'll only be a few weeks til the robins come home....

  8. I saw seed packets for the first time in the grocery store on Friday. Things are looking up!!

  9. Love the poppies and your garden wonderful. House not bad to look at either.

  10. your house is so adorable, those poppies on help.

    glad to read you found some guy to task the beat out!

    enjoy that puttering. love puttering.

  11. the poppies are gorgeous and such big blooms!! i am also a putterer in the garden and am grateful that my hubbie does all the heavy work which he enjoys. i need to cut my honeysuckle back soon. it is definitely looking like spring a bit here.


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