DS Sunday No.1

Monday, March 16, 2009

spicy, hot, sweet - caramel ginger chili chicken

I've decided that for DS (Dim Sum) Sundays I will only cook new recipes. I heard someone talking on the radio once about how boring our meal planning can get, how we basically keep rotating the same ol' tired (and often true) 10 or 12 recipes and I am guilty somewhat of that. I love to cook so I have no excuse not to shake things up in the 29 Black Street kitchen and DS Sunday is the perfect chance - much like a having dinner party for recluses - I get to show off my culinary skills and imagination but don't have to houseclean for guests.

Caramel Ginger Chicken a la Martha via Bobby Chin I found this recipe a bit fussy, more work than I'm used to and tres sweet. Mid way through the cooking process I was having some serious doubts - as anyone who's cooked with fish sauce knows it smells a lot like stinky feet - then add a cup of brown sugar, caramalized, and you're smelling candied stinky feet. I was becoming quite concerned but adding the final fresh chili, the handful of chopped fresh ginger and a big squeeze of lime juice brought everything together and canceled out (thankfully) any aroma of pieds. All that said - it did taste very good, and much like something I'd have in a restaurant in the city ... lots of heat, loads of ginger flavour (a current fav of mine) and really very delicious. I served it on brown rice* cooked with a handful of raisins in chicken broth and I had my virtual dinner party dans my living room, on a TV table, while watching a previously taped episode of my latest strange & weird TV obsession - Say Yes to the Dress - what's up with that ?

Next week's DS Sunday theme is shellfish and crustaceans. Hhhhmmmmm ponders the girl who lives by the sea. This week I've already decided to cook on Saturday and post on Sunday since Sunday is my much loved goof off afternoon and evening I don't want to be sweating it out in the kitchen getting ready for a dinner party. Way, way too much pressure for a Sunday soir.

*only because we have a current ban on white stuff here at Black Street - would be much better on steamed plain sticky white rice.


  1. lol Candied stinky feet.
    I have shied away from recipes that use things like hoisin sauce or fish sauce. I buy the stuff, make one, maybe two recipes and then the stuff sits on my fridge door for years. Lord knows what I have in there right now.

  2. I LOVE fish sauce. This recipe or perhaps your preparation of it is fantastic. Kudos on choosing only NEW recipes. Excellent twist. It's also good to tell people when you are experimental cooking. Gives them plenty of lead time to plan their unexpected visits to your kitchen.
    Thank you for an excellent entry to Dim Sum Sunday.

  3. Your dish looks beautiful... tres chic! (I haven't found my accent keys yet.)
    I'm like Elenka.... I buy exotic ingredients and use a little then they stay in my fridge forever.
    I have become fascinated with "Say Yes to the Dress" too. Such drama!

  4. The picture of your plate looked great. I'm a simple cook and this one is probably right on the edge of my ability envelope. Nice job.

  5. I've decided that for DS (Dim Sum) Sundays I will only cook new recipes <<<---- I SO like this idea. Hmmmm.... :)

    Good morning, sweet sweet Susan! I have had a breakthrough...won't you stop by and celebrate with me today at my blog? :)

    I wish you THE MOST beautiful week. Sending you tonnes of love and hugs!

    Much love to you and the furry gang!

    xoxo :)

  6. Wow, sounds yummy but waaay too much work for a throw-things-together person like me. I'm more of a baker, NSA is the chef around here.

  7. Yum-o!!! I use fish sauce a lot, too. Have you tried Ina Garten's ginger chicken? I will have to post it soon. It's a manor fave. You would love it!

  8. Looks delicious! Will have to try this one!

  9. Susan B...you are waaaay to ambitious with that fish sauce for my taste....glad it turned out so well for you! For myself, I baked a low-fat carrot cake to be snacked on throughout the week and it turned out well. Got the recipe from my Cook's Country magazine! Pretty delish and half the calories of regular carrot cake! Have a great week, you and Miss D and the rest of your brood!

  10. Hi Susan - that looks wonderful!I think it's great that you have a ban on white stuff at Black Street, it's a good idea. In our house we are quite familiar with fish sauce (it's wonderful if you use the tiniest bit, but we have a friend that is heavy-handed with both that and shrimp paste - now let me tell you, you know when THAT's around!...to make Thai Laksa, something I'm fond of ordinarily.I've never yet been able to get through one of her deep-bowl servings. Hope your week is going well and conducive to more wonderful creativity. xx

  11. Plan B is cool for this coming Sunday. The question is now who bought up all the scallops and how do we get invited to their house for dinner???


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