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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my nest - up at 5am and back snuggled in with my book by 9pm most nights

Finished drawing count for wedding/romance. goal 22 actual 27 and still climbing.

Fantastic! and a project that I love, and therefore is easy for me to work on and I'm sure will look beautiful when it's finished in metal. The other thing is money, I hate to make it sound like it's about the money because it's not ... but the fantastic thing about what I do is: even with the US dollar on par with ours I make an incredibly good wage, in a very short time, sitting at home with the sweeties, in my pajamas if I feel like it, doing something I love, that's easy for me and I get paid really well for it. So you can see why I must make a go of this self-employed designer business (I'm just entering my 7th year). I cannot be forced to take a semi full time job at the local grocery store or hardware store ... it would kill me. I'm not a people person, I learned that at my last job. I'm reclusive and as happy as a clam hunkered down in my big old brick behemoth of a house listening to CBC and drawing.

That said ... I do need to rearrange my daily schedule so that I can be more productive. There's just so much to do and I would be happy to just sit at my desk and draw but I have a house and I have a yard and there's just stuff that has to be done (and I know I would be even happier if that stuff got done). Just in case you missed it, an ongoing theme in this blog is the quest for perfect all round productivity, very likely an unachievable goal pour moi but one I will continue to struggle daily with So ... I'm on the quest to figure out when is the best time for me to schedule in that other stuff. The 5am-7am time slot I am very perky, and I'm usually sitting here at my computer typing away, editing, spell checking and drinking coffee...when I could be making dog cookies or scooping kitty litter. Beginning tonight I'm going to try and switch to posting before I retreat to the nest at 8:30 pm. More a recap of the day than my usual hope & a prayer for a new day or I guess it could be both. So that's the plan and you know how I love to plan ... until ce soir....


  1. Are you now using the spare room as your bedroom?

  2. Hey, I never saw this before. Love the cozy photo. It's interesting reading your perspective back then too.


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