remembering Paris

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

la Tour Eiffel

Sleepy this morning. Just woke up from a lovely deep snooze thinking that the boy needed to go out for a pee which would normally be anywhere between 1-3am (didn't stop and glance at the clock beside my bed), got out of bed, slippers on and down into the kitchen and lo and behold the coffee's ready and it's 5am and here we go once again. Big yawn! I guess I was tired from all the stewing & fretting of yesterday.

on the way up

Had a very long, multi topic phone chat with MLou @ 1 800 designer gal last night which was lovely. One of those people, thankfully in your life, that you have so many things in common with (common interests, common feelings, common neurosis, common career...) that you can gab non stop until "the cows come home" (they've been away). We reminisced about our trip together in 2004 to Paris and the Maison & Objet gift home show (everything beautifully designed in the world all under several roofs happening in one of the most amazing cities in the world). Two designer girls strolling down huge aisles in halls filled with so much stimulating, inspiring stuff everywhere that we would often grab the other by the arm and say breathlessly "I think I have to sit down ... it's just too much. Too much beauty, too much perfection". We had a ball on that trip and I can picture little photo slides in my mind of MLou & Susan gabbing around Paris. Not only did we spend days tromping down aisles of the show oohing & aahhing and shut up!!! look at that-ing, we also tromped, hiked, strolled over much of the city. The absolute best way to experience any city is a good map & guide book, good comfortable shoes and walk everywhere (and the bonus is you get so much exercise during the day that you can splurge at dinner with no guilt). We ate fantastic food, took lots of photos and talked non stop with each other - except when we were sleeping. I think she and I are due to plan another city adventure soon.

and ... the spectacular view from the top - all Holga camera images

Well, I finally have a new blog banner and I must confess my technical limitations made the whole process somewhat difficult (remember I am a mechanical pencil, tracing paper, kneaded eraser kinda designer) Illustrator & Photoshop both can be my banes at times, but overall I'm happy with how it looks for now. Helvetica Neue Light and any kind of fancy pants script my current favourite fonts.


  1. Ahhh...I remember Paris! Time to stomp off on another big design adventure. Love the holga images. xoxo, MLou
    PS I am commenting this time so you don't have to wonder about this visit on the blog meter!

  2. merci Paula, I'm happy with it.


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