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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Winnie on our big rock, one of the spots we stop and
pause on our afternoon walk, for cookies, a few deep breaths
and lots of thanks.

It's actually only 6pm, not just before bed time. I don't know that I'm going to like this pm posting. I'm such a morning person. I'm so happy & optimistic first thing in the day, don't get me wrong I do feel happy and optimistic right now at this moment but I guess it's a watered down version of my 5am self. Today has been a great day, stayed glued to my desk for hours straight (excellent), the furnace maintenance guy came early this morning (9am) so I made dog cookies, did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen while he clunked around in the basement. Finally got to my desk at 10:15 so I listened to CBC Winnipeg so I wouldn't miss The Current and all my national CBC shows. I caught the tail end of the Winnipeg morning show and listened to all the the early morning traffic reports and vicariously felt, for a moment or two, that feeling of living in a city again, of broken down trucks and freeways clogged up. I highly recommend listening to radio from another place ... it really can give you the feeling that you're there. And it's easy to go further afield than Winnipeg, just Google any city and add english radio. Paris english radio, Hong Kong english radio...

5:46am- yes that's am. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, this blog posting in the pm rather than the am. Michael (my nephew and pseudo son, at least that's how I think of him) called on Skype last night and he and I ended up chatting for ages while I drew the outlines of my next finished frame drawings. I could talk to him for hours and most often we do. We talked about blogging (both technical & aesthetic issues), Mac operating systems (he teaches me at least one new fantastic thing every time we talk, which is often, thank goodness) and we talked about how it must feel to get old, wondering if it's scary or sad or if over the many, many years you gradually come to terms with your inevitable future. Every conversation he and I have, we almost always touch on at least one heavy, big topic which suits me just fine and I'm proud of him that he's so capable of such broad minded thinking.

I did watch Pushing Daisies (one of the most talked about TV shows of this fall season) last night and my initial reaction was, it's quite delightful. I love the saturated colour photography and kooky imaginative sets, fun make believe, sweet plot and it kept me up until 9pm. Last night I went to bed 1 full hour later than normal and ...I actually slept through the night (no waking up at 1am to big, bad, doom & gloom thoughts hanging out under my bed) and even overslept a little this morning. Hallelujah! (can you hear the choir?). Now there's another new plan hatched.

extra tidbits

Do you have an extra $9000. and a desire for an experience of a lifetime check out this 4 month (Jan 08-Apr 08) bus trip from Sydney Australia to London England - Oz Bus. More arm chair traveling for me.

A fantastic blog documenting the restoration/renovation of a big, old & beautiful San Fransisco apartment at Day at a Glance. They have fantastic taste and a wonderful collection of stuff.

The Canada Geese are flying in the skies this time of year, headed south, wouldn't you love to know what they're talking about with all that honking?
I'd love to know.

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  1. What a great shot of Winnie..... wind blowing her fur.... intent on looking at something....


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