off to the city

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the view from my upstairs hallway window

Yes I’m off to the city today, the one and only city in Nova Scotia. Halifax (I’m counting Halifax Dartmouth as one city or HRM I think they call it now). I have a doctor’s appointment and BFF Harry will be doing the driving (I don’t, as of yet, make that trip myself although I am ever hopeful that one day soon I'll get over myself, bite the bullet and just drive to Halifax) we've traded design work for chauffeur work. We’ll make a day of it. A little shopping, he’ll get a fancy pants city hair cut while I’m at the doctor, a little more shopping and then home again. I plan to do some live shopping at Loomis & Toles (the art supply store) usually I’m ordering the tools of my trade over the phone and it will be very nice to browse a bit in the actual store. I have a list of things that I need to pick up - pencil leads, a new mechanical pencil, grid paper, white gel pens (which I use as tiny fine white out pens) fine black pigment liners in a variety of sizes - all very exciting. I also need to stop at Zwickers gallery where I’m having four antique oil paintings restored and re framed then on to Pete’s Frootique and then across the street to Willows Pet Place (thanks to Paula) for healthy all natural dog food & treats – for the boy’s detox. Last stop The Italian Market where we’ll have a bite to eat and pick up a selection of Italian goodies to take back home to the village. Cheese, olives, marinated antipasto and the like. Yum.


  1. I love living in a place where we can say the City or the Valley and everyone knows what we mean.
    Have fun on your City visit.

  2. ooweee, that will be one busy trip! I am in a big city... but hardly ever go "downtown". We are 10 miles from city centre and I only go there for dental and eye appointments and only because I began with the doctors while still working down there. Now..I shop at different strip malls and one large mall only 2 mins. from the house.

  3. Well we had a great trip and it always is a great reminder for me, for those times when the city grass begins to look greener, that I do love where I live and I don't think I'll ever be a city girl again. I fantasize from time to time about giving up this big old house and yard and buying a condo in the city, something manageable. I think to myself I could take courses at the art college, I could go to the theatre, I could eat Thai food ...
    but I couldn't run with my dogs on the beach twice a day, watch the deer grazing in the meadows as we drive by, see a million stars in the sky at night and sit at my computer at 5am and hear nothing but the wind in the trees. The grass is looking greener here in my little village after a busy day in the City.


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