Wednesday, October 17, 2007

red poppy, poppies are one of my favourite flowers

Wednesday, and my slump continues mid week. Just lower energy, less enthusiasm, thrilled when the sun begins to set in the early evening which then becomes my sign to kick back, cut myself some slack and do nothing. Am currently working on another of those momentum-less projects from my No.1 customer (and I'm a girl who thrives on momentum, tight impossible deadlines, frantic busy-ness and urgency are my drugs of choice). When things just plod along I slow down, become scattered and just plain blah blah. I have yet to learn how to create my own urgency within, I'm constantly needing that someone else is really counting on me to get me going. The current project is themed photo frames with very little feedback or direction, at this point, and I fear going too far down any one path as that can often end up a big ol' waste of time, which is always frustrating. I hope to be getting direction this week for my first two new big fish company jewellery design projects which will keep me focused (I'm hoping) and nose to the tracing paper for many solid hours straight. It seems there will be a ton-o-work from them. Yeah!

My attempts at a daily internet embargo have been pathetic - and I must reinforce the 9am, noon and 3pm rule again because it really does effect my productivity. It is tricky because I do use the internet tremendously for reference & inspiration. Yesterday I was searching to find ideas for decorative patterns bits for my frame thumbnails. I've been working for this same company for over 5 years and most times now I'm being asked to knock-myself off. To reinvent collections of frames that I've already designed that have been successful (sell well $$$) for them. The internet is a god send for ideas and I especially find scrap booking sites great inspiration for the kind of frames I'm working on now.

This early morning coffee & blog time I do recharge those batteries, give myself the big ol' pep talk ... you go girl! and all that jazz, get yourself ready for a fantastically productive and happy day! A demain!

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  1. I think I must be like this too. If there is something that MUST be done NOW, then I will do it. If it can be done anytime between now and next Friday then i probably wont throw myself into it until Thursday, after knocking tiny little chips off it all week and not making much progress. I need to learn how to create my own urgency from within as you mention.
    I think i am only just realising that this is what i do. Hopefully thats my first step to getting better!


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