love & red leaves

Saturday, October 20, 2007

the first bright red fall leaves that I've ever had in my tree filled yard

And this one lone bough of crimson leaves just happens to be hanging directly over sweet Emma Jane Louise's grave - coincidence? I think not.

Plus 22 degrees (like a summer afternoon), blustery & drizzling rain here on Black Street this early morning. Freakish weather really, but I'll take it happily, being someone who'd much rather be warm than chilled. It's an inside day today and I have lots of to-dos on the list.

Another two great frame projects from my No.1 customer, thumbnails have been approved and I'm on to finished technical drawings, really the easy part, the put my brain on cruise control, sit at my desk when I know there's something interesting on CBC radio ... and turn my little thumbnails into full size creations. The fun part, the best part.

This morning I need to do some housecleaning - the plumber is coming, the plumber is coming!! (hooray, hooray). Akin to cleaning & tidying up for the housecleaning person I guess and I am quite sure in my heart of hearts, that the plumber won't be strolling through my house thinking to himself "wow! she's got a lot of clutter lying around" or "holy cow, look at the dog hair & sand on her floor" but you know how it is ... it's a female thing and I'm afraid my housecleaning gene is flawed ... but I do try.

I was thinking yesterday while on the beach with les chiens throwing sticks for the boy while Winnie happily laid beside me chewing her stick ... thinking to myself that there are SO many times in a day, through the week, in my life that I honestly feel so happy I feel like I'm going to burst. Happy to my core, happy to my soul. I realized that I often talk of slumps & lulls, of sleeplessness & frets, of plummeting biorhythms & frustrations and I forget to mention all the
(most often daily) wonderful feelings of gratefulness, of feeling safe & secure, of the unabashed, pure, mad love that I feel for my house full of animals - who give me so much joy each & every day, who make me smile and laugh, who keep me company & who I chatter away with all my waking hours. The feelings of appreciation that I have for all the amazing beauty & nature that's all around me every day and that I have the kind of peaceful life that allows me to pay attention to everything that I do have. I'm a lucky girl.

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  1. goose bumps on the backs of my arms and a catch in my throat when you said about where those beautiful leaves are still waving in the breeze. How amazing and how wonderful..and next year..tulips. are so right Susan... we are all really lucky with so much good "stuff" in our lives...yes, there are glitches...and bumps ..of course... but where or with whom is there not? Some days I go around grinning to myself for some little reason... and I am sure people must think I look like the cat that got the proverbial canary. Then, the looks I get make me smile even more..... lol .......


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