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Friday, October 26, 2007

Another beautiful fall afternoon - Miss Winnie Dixon posing for the photographer

There's a huge big full moon shining in my office window this morning. Clear and much colder (2C), much more seasonable temperatures.

I was thinking last night that I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't more design content on this blog - it has really become much more a personal journal blog, that just happens to be written by a designer. I would be happy to post examples of the different projects that I'm working on but of course, for confidentiality reasons ... I can't. Most projects that I work on, take months for the various companies to actually produce and finally photograph in a catalogue, which would then be my OK to show them to the world, as portfolio examples and by that time, 6 months from now, we're on to something far more interesting and exciting and those projects are often forgotten.

I do keep threatened myself (although I'm afraid myself takes these threats far too lightly) to develop a practice to draw, paint or collage an illustration a week which I could then post on this blog and therefore add some creative content, and that threat is still very much alive. I just need to schedule that time in. That creative time, that play time, that time devoted to working on potential portfolio pieces and having fun (hopefully) to boot.

So ... I apologize to anyone who stumbles upon this blog (say you folks referred from amazing all design content blog design for mankind) expecting lots of design stuff. I've been added to her blog roll and I am very flattered and thrilled to be listed among so many tres cool design-y types and incredible blogs but I'm also quite confused as to why and feeling a bit like a fraud. Funny thing is she commented on my blog telling me how she thought it was fabulous the day I had the big ol' post/RaNt about Chimney Sweep #1 & #2 (?*??!@??). I'm afraid this is a blog of a designer whose living this fabulous (pretty simple could even be considered boring by many) life in seaside Nova Scotia and it seems the blog is mostly about said fab life! in which there is no window shopping, trend reporting, fantastic new fonts or the work of cool colleagues, ... but I do try and take my camera everywhere and I do try to post beautiful & interesting images, if you happily share your life with dogs & cats, have always wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny village on the ocean, and if you've had a curiosity about Nova Scotia since hearing Your So Vain from many years ago ... then maybe you've arrived at the right blog.


  1. But Susan...see at the top there? Where it proclaims "musings of your life"? And over there to the right... where it says "Profile"? .... that is not only a designer .... that is a photographer, a cook, a lover of nature and especially of animals, a REAL person... one who wears many hats and has a varied, interesting and quite possibly enviable lifestyle. One who offers so many beautiful photos to peruse and awwww over; one who has heart and soul and compassion. And also, one who has a brain that is firing on more cylinders than most, so, therefore, delivers an intelligent, witty, interesting daily blurb ...... written, I am sure, with great care to get it "just right".

    I love to read about your trials and tribulations ... maybe it has to do with having some similar outlook; similar happenings; sense of humour or irony. Sure, you may think of it as "just" life, but it gains so much in the telling don't you think? I often remark to my sister how I will be able to get great mileage from a small incident just in the "telling". A lot of folks ignore, or overlook, so much in the day to day activity of their lives...or are too busy or don't really care to notice the little things that amuse us or strike a chord somewhere within us. It is the reason some people are able to add a blog entry daily instead of only once a month... perhaps we have stuff to say.... just because we can.

  2. awwww Vee, such a nice comment! I just feel so bad for all those design junkies who are being directed over to life at the beach - avec dogs because I'm sure that's not what their looking for. That said, you are SO right about our ability to appreciate all of the simple little things that surround us each day and yes it is why I post daily, seemingly with ease.

    I always have images to choose from because I obsessively take pictures these days and I'm never at a loss for words although many, many mornings I sit down at the computer at my usual 5am time slot, having a good idea of what photo I'll post, but most mornings I have no idea at all what I'm going to talk about but as you well know I always seem to come up with something.

    Before I began this blog in the same time slot I would have my coffee and write in a traditional journal ...I'm finding the blogging world is much more satisfying, and I think it is the designer in me and the visual-ness of a blog that documents my petite life. And, yes, I do fuss each morning, madly editing trying to get the words just right...

    You know me so well Vee. Thanks again for all the lovely words.


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