going to town

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the lighthouse at the beach where we walk

Well ...today I’m going to town (literally). It’s time for that once monthly trip, leaving the teeny village for the next biggest town for the big shop. I’ve gassed up the 97 Ford Escort Wagon –my dog mobile complete with sandy & hairy duvets covering the front passenger seat and the entire back seats. Winnie always sits in the front and the boy (Jake) likes to sprawl out over the back seat. Assorted stuffed toys and a collection of extra perfectly smooth fetching sticks litter the floor in the back. Had the air in my tires checked. I blew a tire on the way to town one day last year. It was awful. Rain coming down hard in sheets, and me and my car pulled over to the side of the road, not really understanding what had just happed ... I just knew something was horribly wrong. When I finally got out and walked around the car my back right tire just hung on the rim in shreds. Me with no cell phone (why would I ever need a cell phone- hello?). I tried banging on a few doors and eventually flagged down a school bus driver. Anyway...it was tres horrible, I was totally traumatized by the event and I now obsessively check the air in my tires, in fact at the suggestion of BFF Harry I'm going to buy my own personal tire air pressure gage - it's on the list. I don’t really enjoy driving much. I’m a cosmopolitan city gal who just happens to love living in the country but I do SO miss my public transit. I only learned to drive a few years ago and I did so only under extreme duress and due to ultimate necessity. So ...Gas – check, Air - check, $$ - check, the list - check. My friend Carol (who les chiens and I walk with every morning) is coming too. Should be fun with lots of stops. The Feed Store (Carol has donkeys), Superstore (great groceries), Walmart (passport photos & junk food ) Canadian Tire (picking up shiny new bathroom sink and bathtub faucets-with the hopes that the (one and only) plumber might actually show up to install them) and who knows what other exciting stops we may make ... I'm trying to leave a little room for just a little spontaneity. I am such a planner.


  1. Hey Susan,
    Did you get the photos I sent you? I periodically check in with you via your blog but haven't heard back from you! E-mail me at the burnttoast account. I'd love to chat! XO Lucie

  2. This is not a sales pitch; I left the telco corporate world two years ago, I just think for safety everyone should have a cell phone.

    I always thought I would never need a cell phone (even though I worked for Aliant) until the day… I was out walking. I was within sight of my house and there was a car accident. I was the only person around… I had no cell phone… Now, I’m never without one, just in case.

    You should have a cell phone for emergencies... you can get Prepaid Packages - no contracts, no commitments, you pay a low rate only for the minutes you use, there is no monthly bill.

    Or, if you don’t want to do that… did you know that ANY cell phone can 911 it only has to be kept charged.

  3. Hi Paula,

    I do have a hand-me-down cell phone in my kitchen junk drawer so I will most definitely charge it. I did not know that any charged cell phone would dial 911 (that's great to know) and I will look into a pre-paid package even if I just use it on my trips to town or if I'm walking the dogs alone - which I often do.

    Thanks for the advice.



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