Thursday, October 4, 2007

the meadows are filled with little yellow/citrus green butterflies

I've noticed in the afternoons when we walk through the meadow on our way to the grass lane and down to the beach, that the air is filled with hundreds of tiny fluttering pale lime green/yellow butterflies ...many of them bunched together in little groups flittering this way and that way. You could easily not notice them at all, as they are quite small and they do kind of blend in but once you do notice them you realize, wow, they're everywhere - dancing in the sky above the tall blades of grass and wildflowers.

5am (just in case you're wondering). I'll use the 6-7am time slot to get a few household chores done before we head out. It doesn't get light now until after 7am, and we do try to wait until the suns nearly up to give all the foxes & raccoons time to make it home to their beds before we bust down onto the beach - here comes that morning gang.

Spoke with Chicago yesterday, (big fish gift ware company that I've been trying to acquire as a customer). Had a great chat, lots of compliments tossed my way re: my portfolio (love that), and apologies that it's taken her so long to get back to me (compliments = forgiveness) and conversation about beginning a freelance relationship with me (yeah!) and they'd like me to design jewellery for them (yeah, yeah!). I worked 4 years for an amazing company - Brighton - and I drew pages and pages of jewellery designs and absolutely loved it. I did lose that job eventually, I'm quite sure Jerry (the boss & owner) could never understand why I would choose living in rural Nova Scotia over living in LA and he ultimately wanted an in house design team. My adventure working with Jerry & Brighton deserves it's own post, it was a fantastic experience complete with Cinderella trip to Hong Kong & mainland China ...but that story's for another time. I'll have a conference call today with Chicago design team and off we go.

S t i l l , s l o w l y working on my wedding/ romance collection and this project, lately, has no momentum and I thrive on momentum. I prefer a project to be too much work, too tight a deadline, too fast paced, you work like crazy for a week and then it's over and you move on to something else. I guess I'm not very skilled at, or used to, juggling two projects at the same time because I do have another big project that I could be working on. I need to put wedding aside while I wait for more feedback and begin the next new project. Simple solution again ... always.

Well ...finally the update on New Rule No. 1 -only check email and surf twice during my work day (well actually three times) at 9am, noon, and 3pm. I failed miserably. I did make it until noon. Because of some silly technical glitch, in order for me to hear properly on my cordless phone, I have to unplug my modem - and I was on the phone a few times through the morning so I left the modem unplugged so ... pas de internet. But I tell ya, once that baby was plugged back in I was like a crack addict. I'm sure I was much better than I normally am, because I was very conscious of my productivity draining addiction and my attempts to gain control over it and I did forcefully ignore many, many of the constant impulses I was having to google some thought or check a blog, or look at some website... but the afternoon ... it wasn't pretty. Day 2.

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