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Sunday, October 28, 2007

fall leaves on Black Street - such a beautiful time of the year

17C and rainy softly, and it's supposed to be sunny later in the day and a high of 15C, which is lovely & warm weather for this time of year.

My 12 page newsletter is very close to being finished and I expect to finish it up this morning while listening to CBC radio. Which puts me days ahead of my expected completion of that job. I think I must've done a worse case scenario timing when estimating how long this job was going to take, I was nervous because I haven't been doing this type of work - graphic design (I'm primarily a product designer/illustrator), and I'm using a page layout program that is still relatively new to me. However ... it's ticked along swimmingly and I've enjoyed it and of course when you're paid a lump sum for a project like this (I quoted a per page rate) the quicker I finish, the more money (technically) I've made. This means efficiency becomes very motivating.

My sister and I talk every Sunday morning for an hour or so as soon as the dogs and I return from our walk at the beach. I'll walk around the house with the cordless phone doing small chores & multitasking while we yak up a storm for sometimes up to 90 minutes - getting all caught up with each other's lives.

Would like to spend a few hours outside in the yard & garden this afternoon. There is SO much, still, to do out there. I thankfully have been glued to my design desk all the time these last few weeks- which is absolutely fantastic and makes me so content & happy. But oh how the other stuff suffers, tumbleweeds of Winnie Dixon's black hair roll around everywhere, stacks of my cluttery self on all tables & counters, laundry needing to be done and most of the fall yard/garden clean up yet to be dealt with. Hopefully, if things go as usual, winter won't really arrive until well into January, we might have the occasional bit of stormy winter weather but nothing lasting or significant (usually) until we're well past Christmas. So ... I do have some time left.

I do love a Sunday ... my most favourite day of the week.

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  1. Our temps. are about the same here...but not nearly as many leaves left clinging to our a matter of fact, it is a bit dreary now, with most of the leaves already fallen.

    Happy Sunday!


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