Sunday, October 14, 2007

Em, Winnie & Jake from a few summers ago

I watched American Beauty last night on television. I taped it from HBO earlier in the week. Which is strange because apparently HBO is not available in Canada, but that’s my little secret - I have HBO here in my little village in Nova Scotia. I watched American Beauty soon after it was released on video back in 2000 and I remember thinking then that it was an amazing movie, one of those movies that you want to watch again right away because you’re sure you must‘ve missed things you were so engrossed (by everything - the characters, the dialogue, the sets, the cinematography ...). Well 7 years later and I finally watched it again and remembered what a fantastic movie it is, written it turns out by Alan Ball creator/writer of Six Feet Under which certainly now comes as no surprise. If you haven't seen Six Feet Under rush out to your nearest Blockbuster and rent a season at a time (5 seasons in total) and watch some of the best television ever.

American Beauty reminded me of other movies of this genre that have been favourites over the years. Dark, sad thoughtful movies that leave you wanting to be silent and keep you thinking for a long time after they’re over. Movies that are hauntingly beautiful and that truly make your heart ache. Five others that instantly come to mind that felt unforgettable after seeing them the first time and seem to be always on my list to see again.

The Ice Storm

House of Sand and Fog
Paris, Texas
21 Grams

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