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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

geraniums in the back garden

A much better day yesterday in every way. The weather was beautiful, started out cool & still blustery in the morning and high surf canceled the boy's stick fetching adventures but we had a long beach walk regardless. The cottagers are gone now which increases the variety of routes we can choose from in addition to the beach - through fields, down lanes & across pastures. Home to my desk where I worked at my day job until 2pm and then went outside and worked in the jungle, that is my garden/yard, until just before 6pm (cutting, sawing, pruning & raking and general fall clean up). The afternoon temperature was much nicer, warm enough to just have a t-shirt on and Winnie and Jake hung out in their dog yard, taking turns working on their excavation (a giant pit that they are digging very close to the sun porch door), just on the other side of the fence.

It always amazes me how much I can accomplish and how satisfying it is , working in the garden ... this is the time of year, when all the fall preparation for a new season will help to make the spring gardening that much easier. I organized a bird feeding platform just outside my kitchen window where I already have 2 bird feeders hung but I wanted to add a water dish and a place to put fruit and other tidbits for the birds and thus also enhancing the bird viewing experience from inside (kitten TV ). It’s hilarious to watch Gussie Gus & Ver, their bodies flattened out on a pillow, that sits on the table that I have pushed up against this window, chattering away, their tails swishing back & forth as they watch the birds who are literally inches away from them. I made veggie pesto pizza for dinner, watched a bit of taped TV and then to bed with my book, feeling satisfied, happy & content. A perfect day.

The 2 new books by my bedside are On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwan and The 100 Mile Diet A Year of Local Eating - Alisa Smith & J.B. MacKinnon

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