possible flurries

Monday, October 29, 2007

minneola tangerine

This morning while having my early morning coffee and listening to CBC radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - the Canadian version of NPR) I heard the word flurries in several of the regional weather forecasts - that's how quickly the weather can change. It's cold this morning 3C at the moment and a high forecast of 0. It's always seems colder at the beach as the wind is usually coming off the water. I'll wear my down jacket and I'm afraid there will be no swimming this morning for the boy.

I finished designing my 12 page newsletter, sent the PDF's to my client and have a few tiny text corrections this morning and then off to the printer that job goes - that project went amazingly smoothly. This morning it's back to product design & my latest photo frame collections.

Worked solidly at the design desk from 11:00 am until 4pm yesterday, when the constant woofs from the kitchen reminded me that it was time for our pm walk at the beach - my sweet Noodle dog, my nearly 13 year old retriever, begins his campaign each afternoon around 3pm. He magically appears by my desk, nudging my legs, eventually lying down but sighing deeply and if he doesn't get much response the barking eventually begins - like clockwork everyday. No matter what's on the go with me and my work I always stop sometime between 3-4:30 pm and off we pile into the car and down the road to the beach we go. I make a point of shutting my brain off, as much as I can, as soon as we arrive so that I can enjoy the peace and beauty of where we walk and to appreciate the incredible companionship of my two dogs happily trotting along behind me, following exactly every twist and turn that I make - they are my best friends.

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