Thursday, October 4, 2007

there's nothing like garden fresh tomatoes - tis the season

We're having summer like weather this first week of October. Yesterday afternoon when we went back to the beach at 4:30 it was 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) and the overnight temperatures stayed in the teens (around 60). This morning, and yes I'm back at my 5:29 am (for now) typing by the light of my lap top screen with coffee, crickets and radio Prague, it's still, still - not a whiff of wind and the tides coming in. Oli-Ver is here beside me keeping me company, as usual.

Slept really well nice that is. I made myself stay up later once again and it seems to be the trick, it sounds so simple but I find often by 8:30 pm (I have been up & doing stuff for 15.5 hours ... I'm beginning to get tired) I long to go up to my bed, puff up the pillows and read for awhile. The trouble is, the act of reading, especially in bed, puts me into such a sleepy state that I'm lucky if I manage 3 or 4 pages before I'm drifting off. This explains why my books read column isn't exactly growing in leaps and bounds. And then I'm wide awake at 1am discovering that I've fallen asleep with the light on, with the book opened on my chest, and as soon as I feel awake again those annoying thoughts begin creeping out from under the bed. But not this week, this week I've been working in the evenings until 7:30 or so, have my dinner and a bit of pre-taped (commercial free) TV and up to bed around 9:30... and then I read my 3 or 4 pages. Amazing what a difference an hour can make.

One more thing ... and this is pretty important. Today I will try (what a useless wimp of a word "try" is). Today I will institute a new computer/internet rule, in the ongoing quest for perfect productivity (and anyone who sits in front of a computer, or has one nearby gets how distracting they can be and every book or article on increased productivity will tell you...) I will turn off my computer and check my email twice, at noon-ish and at 3pm (just in case Michael my nephew's on Skype). I realize how hard this is going to be. If anyone checked the "history" on my computer at the end of the day they would be shocked & amazed ... oh the traveling she does ... you sit and draw all day, it's a thoughtless, mindless activity so the mind does wanders and oh can my mind wander. This is a new habit I must develop, look for an update tomorrow on the success of Day 1.

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  1. How well I know it!! Thousands of miles are traveled on this computer (it takes HOURS!) .. hopping from blog to info to Google and further if I see something I need to learn more about.... arrrghhhh !

    I am the total opposite as far as my productive hours go; a nighthawk. If I go to bed before midnight... just toss and turn for hours... mind going a mile a minute. I think some fool calls it linear thinking...but I call it circular... as I generally come right back to where I began about 2 hours prior .. and then I may even go back around again! (if I am still throwing myself around the bed). It is totally ridiculous. If I try to drag myself out early in the morning..I just lurch around like a zombie and get nothing accomplished anyway. Even if I stay up all day and don't fall down for a little nap... still toss and turn the next night til about 2:30 a.m. Usually goes on for about 3 days and then I zonk a bit earlier on the fourth night... oooo a whole hour earlier. Either that or just get good and grumpy til I go back to my late nights and 8:30 a.m.'s...

    My realistic or even those slightly negative thoughts?? .. first thing in the a.m. ..... but by nightfall..I have become Arnie Scwarzenegger tough (mentally)if that's possible .... I begin to envision it all in my mind and make big plans along with tossing in a bit of guilt or worrying about other things... and I am tossing again. .. another day has flown, sometimes with little or no productivity.

    Today I am up an hour earlier; done correspondence; checked some blogs... now off to get a second coffee and stitch on some bear ears.... or else! lol hope you have a good day over there too!


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