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Monday, October 1, 2007

late afternoon storm clouds at the beach

Today is both a Monday - beginning of the week, and October 1st - the beginning of a new month, that's a double whammy for a lists/goals/dreams & aspirations junkie like moi. At some point today I will take great delight in making an October list. A list of things that are really important and that I must do (like call Vinnie the chimney sweep), a list of things that I'd like to do (and I mean really, I would enjoy doing - like making a small garden in the earth above Em's grave and filling it with tulip bulbs, which I've already purchased, so come spring a riot of colour will erupt from that little spot in my backyard forest) and then, the list of things that the imaginary person that I wish I was and am constantly trying to become - would love to do. Those are the things on the list like 1). lose 10 lbs easily 2). organize all my file folders of projects in the restored - the restoration is on the list as well - filing cabinet I picked up for 10.00 at a yard sale. 3). finish painting my ugly brick fireplace (which has been primed awaiting a coat of glossy creamy enamel for...7 years eek!). 4). sweep, thoroughly clean and stain my front porch (I bought the stain, I have the tools). An eternal optimist I am, however, always believing that that girl, who can & wants to do it all, is just waiting to bust out and who knows, October just may be her month, so I best have a big list ready of things for her to do...


  1. Lists ...gotta love 'em. I still make them, honest I do. I even make several, as u do. For all and sundry...

    But, now that I am older and wiser... here is what I also do.

    1. cross off at least the last few things at the bottom of each list right away... u know u won't get around to them... lol...

    2 do the one thing first that you would really, honestly, love to get done...and do it now! Think I would be out there already digging in the dirt...(forget making the lists for an hour)....... planting Em's tulips. After that I would be painting the fireplace..while I could still open windows because paint smell makes me sick. And then, I would enjoy admiring my beautiful paint job all winter! And be looking out the window first thing in the spring for those tulips to bloom!

    3. hire Matthew (or whomever) to do a few odds and sods that you just don't really need or want to do...... remember, a self sufficient gal doesn't HAVE to do it all herself....she just has to organize the "doing".

    4. last, but not least, cross off each thing you accomplish as you go.... and...also... don't forget to add each and every other EXTRA thing you do during a day, week, and month that was never on your list but you had to or wanted to do as well. ........ so, of course, by month's end.. the list is huge, but, it also shows what you HAVE accomplished ...not what you HAVE NOT done during your list time.

    Ta Daaaa..

  2. thanks Vee!

    All such wonderful suggestions which I promise I will begin implementation today!! I've often thought about keeping a running list of what I do accomplish not what I should or think I want to do. I bet I would be very surprised.


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