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Thursday, October 25, 2007

milk chocolate M&Ms - I ate the brown ones for the sake of a better photo

Very busy life here at 29 Black St. these days. And as you know busy=happy pour moi. Design work is piling up which is fantastic. Projects currently on the desk are a 12 page newsletter for our regional health foundation (haven't done a newsletter in ages and this one has a super tight deadline - needs to be at the printer early next week, received the info Monday and was only able to begin it yesterday, this will be a big challenge!), two collections of photo frames for my No.1 customer, honey labels for a local bee keeper (I think this should be fun), an identity for an arborist (tree guy) who I'm bartering with - I'll develop his logo, business cards & signage and he'll do some work with my forest, and I'm expecting my new jewellery design projects from new big fish Chicago company any day now (it's actually worked out well that that particular project has been slightly delayed as I really couldn't do much with it just yet anyway).

I've given up my part-time job, for now, at BFF Harry's gift & home decor store as my weekends have been tied up with design work. Gradually crossing off my home fall/winter readiness list. Chimney sweep arrives next week, plumber comes today (new pretty taps in my downstairs half bath and finally fixing the horrible dripping bath tub faucet - which has been annoyingly dripping for far too long), still searching for the ever elusive, reliable odd jobs kind of, handyman to help me with some things around the house & yard and think I finally have a line on a good guy (I have my fingers crossed). Have some minor tidying up to do in the yard, raking leaves, cleaning out pots, tidying a few flower beds, planting bulbs and I may even mow my lawn one more time - just because it will make the yard look clean & crisp. My wood has yet to arrive - that's really the only large small dark cloud of winter prep left hanging over my little life. It will feel so good & satisfying when the day comes that I know that the wood is in and the chimneys cleaned and those cosy nights by the fire can begin.


  1. hahahahh....oh, sure, for the sake of a better pic you ate them..... funny.

    I hope you don't mind Susan, but I added your blog to my list of interesting places to see.... I know other Canucks, especially us western landlocked ones, often enjoy pics of east coast areas. I know I sure do, never having been east of Medicine Hat! Some day I am going east just to see some red beach cliffs and to eat some REAL lobster!

  2. Hi Vee! I'm honoured that you would add my blog to your interesting places to see. You must make it out to the east coast one day soon, but be warned ... you may not want to leave.


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