pas de Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a variety of squash and pumpkins harvested from Harry's garden

It's Halloween today and I'm afraid it's Boo Humbug here at 29 Black Street. I used to do the whole Jacko'lanter carving thing and I'd buy lots of bags of miniature sweet treats and I would sit dutifully by the kitchen door waiting for all the little ghouls & goblins to appear for at least a few hours just after dark, especially while all the little kids were still out roaming the streets. As soon as the tall older teen age ghosts began to be the norm I would give out extra candy depleting my supply quickly, turn out the lights and that would be the end of it. In past years the time would have changed the weekend before meaning that it would begin to get dark shortly after 5pm - by 7:30 it would be all over, at least here at this house. This year it really doesn't get dark until 6:30-7pm as the time change hasn't happened yet.

Now we skip to turning the lights out as soon as darkness falls to make it appear as if no one's home. I know I'm not fooling anyone. I live with 2 dogs (last Halloween Em was still with us) Winnie who has some fear issues with people and especially people coming to her home/den and Jake on the other hand who's so friendly he would love to slip out the door and go trick or treating with anyone who would have him (and Em was exactly the same that retriever love for everyone). So between trying to keep Jake inside and making sure he doesn't escape and trying to calm Winnie Dixon's frayed nerves every time a ghoul or goblin knocks on the door... well .... it just took all the fun out of it. So now we stay inside in the darkness.

Boo Humbug.

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