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Friday, October 12, 2007

isn't that Oliver again ... and didn't she say she lived with 4 cats

I know, I know ... it would appear to be favouritism but really it's just because he's such a little shadow cat, he's always around. He sleeps on his little bed by my laptop, occasionally rising up to stand in the patch of sunshine, eyes closed, perfect contentment, Buddha-like and oh so photogenic. Honestly besides being the near perfect cat I think he's a bit of a ham.

little things that make me happy...

snoring sleeping tired dogs
diet ginger ale with lots of ice
a hot & steaming plush face cloth
aromatherapy dish detergent
milk chocolate m&ms
putting my face in Bleet’s belly
5am and the last sputters of my coffee maker
the smell of fall
Canada geese
crunching leaves underfoot
warm rainy days
having Harry's food processor for the weekend


  1. Awwwww how I love his face!! he is indeed very photogenic......tx for the lovely pics.

  2. when I was posting these images this morning I thought to myself Vee's gonna love these. OliVer's not only very handsome but he's also a dear sweet cat.


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